Friday, May 25, 2012

Day 962

Babycino's and mocktails - do you ever order them for your kids?

In the news this week it was reported that two four year old boys were accidentally served full alcohol daiquiris at a restaurant in Florida after their mums had ordered them the child friendly version. One child didn't like the taste so stopped drinking, the other pretty much drank the lot and became intoxicated.  An ambulance was called after the mistake was identified and the little man was taken to hospital for observation.  I'm pleased to report he's back to sobriety.

It makes you wonder how often this type of mistake actually occurs...

I have, on occasion, ordered a mocktail for my kids.  In fact I have a lovely photo of Tahlia and I in Noosa  a few weeks back both proudly clinking our cocktail glasses.  I did wonder at the time if serving her mocktails might have been glamorising drinking in her mind but I quickly squashed that idea as me being "uptight" and "too fatalistic".  It didn't occur to me for a moment that there may actually be alcohol in there.  But now that I think about it, I'd imagine it could be an easy mistake to make ...

This got me to thinking about coffee as well.  I don't drink it but I do like to go for "coffee" with friends so if the kids are with me I buy them hot chocolate (while I drink Chai) and when they were tiny I would get them a babycino. Again, I may very well be glamorising stimulants, but going for coffee is such a lovely past time I figured taking the stick out of my arse occasionally couldn't be too harmful to their health*. I remember one day having a meeting at a new coffee shop where a lovely trainee was being shown the ropes.  I asked her for a babycino for my (then) four year old Darby.  Darby took a sip from his itty bitty froth filled cup and not only burnt his tongue but gave a sour faced grimace to boot.  I looked at what he was drinking and it was in fact a very small but fully potent capaccino.  I could see our waitress was new at this so I just quietly explained that a babycino was nothing but froth and chocolate dust and we moved on from there.

Again, it makes you wonder how often this type of mistake actually occurs.

As you can imagine the waitress in Florida was fully apologetic and there doesn't seem to have been any major repercussions.  Stuff-ups occur (clearly) so it's probably best to taste-test your babycinos and mocktails before presenting them to the kidlets in future. I know I will!

Have you ever had a babycino or mocktail mishap? 

 *Just the fact that I need to justify this suggests the stick may still be hanging about ...


  1. Heading over from FYBF.

    This is total food for thought - I'm big on the babycino's with my 3 kids. It never occurred to me that I should be taste testing them!

    Is it okay to taste test the marshmallows too?

    With the mocktails - my kids are normally so amped to get something other than water, that a simple juice gets them squealing. I have been known to put the fruit and umbrella garnish from my cocktail on my oldest's juice glass. Because I'm a sharer, and also because it kept smacking me in the eye whenever I took a sip.

    Don't even get me started on the TODDLERS I always seem to see with cans of COKE! Gah!

  2. The only mistake I ever made was letting my toddler taste the hot chocolate I was drinking. When she wasn't allowed to have the whole cup she went beserk! And thus began the tradition of babycinos - to avoid the histrionics. Thankfully we can now go out without having to have a babycino every time. And thankfully no one has ever given my kids actual coffee - they're off the wall enough without it!

  3. I think the same thing about mocktails and my teenager - am I glamorising drinking by allowing her to have them? But then I think:
    - she sees me drink anyway
    - she is inevitably going to drink herself (we are under no illusions here - illusion, cocktail, get it?
    - good luck to her affording cocktails when the time comes
    - and mocktails are so freaking yummy.

  4. I haven't actually gone their yet. He's usually happy with an apple juice. this just totally freaked me out though- poor kid will probably never graduate from apple juice whilst out with mummy now ;p

  5. Oh yes, let's all taste the marshmallows too. Because they might contain, you It could happen!
    I buy babycinos for my girls, but they eat with a spoon and really only eat the top layer with chocolate dust.
    Mocktails however, I figure if I'VE never tried a cocktail, then they're not getting a fake one.

  6. My kids never had either. They both started drinking coffee at about 18, one drinks alchocol the other one doesn't so I'm not sure if this will make a difference or not. Neither etheir father or I smoked when they were young but they both smoke ????

  7. Wow! I must've been hiding under a rock when that Florida story came out!
    I don't buy babycino's for the twinlets, mainly because one has allergies and the doctors told us to steer clear from chocolate. (I know, my poor deprived 2 year olds !)
    Hadn't thought about the whole mocktail thing. Maybe because I think I still have plenty of time before the whole alcohol issue needs to be raised, but it certainly is food/drink for thought...
    P.S Just read your "About" bit - me 40 too! Aren't we fabulous ???!!! :)

  8. That's so freaky! I've never heard of mocktails for kids, but I my little girl had her first babycino the other day. She turned her nose up at it, marshmallow and all. "Just milk please, mummy". Sensible choice, kiddo :)

  9. Babycinos weren't invented when my kids were little, at least I don't think so.

    I guess there is so much that could be determined as a potential bad influence on our kids.

    Love your new blog design Leanne! x


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