Thursday, December 26, 2013

Day 1543 - Boxing Day

What does Boxing Day mean to you?

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Is it the day where you recover from the excitement of Christmas? Or the day you visit the "other" side of the family? Or perhaps it is the day you go shopping with all your lovely gift vouchers? Or the day you return the clothes that don't fit or the DVDs you've already seen? Is it the day you package up all the boxes and gift wrap and get it ready for recycling? Or a day for lying around the house in the recovery position with the cricket on TV in the background? Is it the day for fixing all the toys that broke from the over enthusiastic Christmas Day play? Or the day the world goes quiet as everyone gets lost in Xbox games, new books and their new iPod playlist? 

The actual meaning of Boxing Day may be derived from days of old in the UK and Europe when, the day after Christmas, servants would receive their Christmas Boxes from their employers.  There's a bunch of theories as to its name and why we celebrate it. Some say it's the day we box everything up and take it back to the store. Others say it's where the rich box up their older belongings to give to the poor.  As a kid I thought there was an actual boxing match on Boxing Day. Not sure where I got that idea from. It is observed in many Commonwealth countries and is a public holiday for many.  No matter what it's origin or where it got its name, it definitely means different things to different people.

This year for us we've decided to have a second Christmas day.  After our day of "divide and conquer" yesterday we decided to spend the day at the farm cooking up another feast of all the meats, the vegetables, the desserts and the trimmings (including bon bons).  A sit down meal with Nanny and Pop, Derek and I, the kids and some friends who we've invited to share our day.  Games, champagne, hot tub, chatter, chocolates and friendship. 

What does Boxing Day mean to you?


Mickeyboy said...
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Mickeyboy said...

It's a day of deep spiritual significance in my household. We fast for 24 hours prior... then at dawn we kneel in front of our shrine. (Ours is from Ikea, but a VB carton will do.) We pray to the gods, 'Arashnu', 'titiboomtush'* [*this deity insists on the use of lower case] and, 'Gertrude'. Arashnu is the patron saint of hangovers. titiboomtush is an asexual god of laziness and Gertrude is the goddess of Christmas Day batteries. This triumvirate rule supreme on 26th December... and are then quickly forgotten. It suits them, because when they are not in demand they get to hang out at Crown Casino and take selfies with drunk footballers in the background.

Annaleis Topham said...

Yesterday my son actually said this is cricket not boxing when they said the boxing day match was about to start. Have a lovely New Year Leanne xx

Pinky Poinker said...

Firstly, Mickeyboy hilarious!
My teenagers went to the shopping centre to spend their vouchers. I just read in the newspaper it was taking customers an hour and a half to drive from the top level to the exit it was so crowded. Yuk! Hubby and I had a very quiet day watching movies and allowing our livers to recover!

lisasdream said...

Boxing Day doesn't really mean much to us!! But to hubby parents it means getting together with family for fun filled "Left Over Lunch" - I guess we never really thought about Boxing Day until this year.
I like your idea - having two Christmas Days!!