Thursday, March 19, 2015

Day 1989 - How to change a light bulb

Have you heard of the UNHCR's Brighter Lives for Refugees Campaign?

The Brighter Lives for Refugees initiative
It's a collaboration with IKEA aimed to bring hope and support to refugees across the globe.  Together with UNHCR the IKEA Foundation is helping to give the gift of light by providing refugee camps in Asia, Africa and the Middle East with solar-powered street lights and lanterns making them a safer for the families who live there.

We take lights for granted. Can you imagine having to find your way to the toilet in the dark?  Without light you wouldn't be able to read after dark, play games, prepare food and having to move around could become impossible and even dangerous.

IKEA sent me some activity sheets as a challenge to show how easy it is to colour under a lamp compared to having to colour in the dark.

Colouring with the help of the IDEA Kajuta Table Lamp.
We took their challenge ... but rather than do them in the dead night, we actually did them in the waking light of dawn.  Even that proved tricky as the eyes tried to adjust without full light to guide us.

Colouring under a lamp versus colouring at dawn's first light without indoor lighting. 
The simple act of colouring-in or drawing is an activity we take for granted. With limited light this task is tricky. Without light, it's downright near impossible.

As part of IKEA's Brighter Lives Campaign, for every LED light bulb purchased in IKEA Australia stores over February and March, the IKEA Foundation donates one pound to UNHCR.

So why not head to your nearest IKEA and stock up on your bulbs. You're not only keeping the light shining for your own family, but you'll be shining on a light on refugees as well.


  1. What a fantastic initiative. I'm heading into IKEA tomorrow and will have to case this one myself.

  2. I love it when Ikea does their 'one for $1' charity drives. It's such a great way to give back. All businesses should have this charity component, and then the world would be a far better place....

  3. I absolutely love this initiative. Incidentally, we are in the market for a couple of night lamps for the kids.

  4. I love this- so simple yet such an important result!

  5. This is a simple but special idea. I love it I am heading IKEA this weekend for a few little things, I think I will buy a lamp and join in. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Thank you for this post. There are so many people in need in the world and mostly of the simplest of things. I don't live anywhere near an Ikea but next time I am near one...

  7. We do take a lot for granted, don't we? I don't have a local IKEA but I will try to see if I can order globes online to help out this great cause. Thanks for bringing it to our attention Leanne!

  8. Up until recently I sponsored the UNHCR but we've had to let a few things go. Great post x

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