Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Day 2378 - Family things to do in Singapore - Singapore Zoo

Yesterday we took a trip to the zoo.

Soccer tours aren't all about playing soccer. There's also a big whack of sight seeing which is great news when travelling to a foreign land.  

There's also a big whack of "let's get everyone totally exhausted so they sleep for a week when they get back to Australia" as well.  Yesterday (as with every day) was exhausting. Soccer training in the heat and then seven hours at the zoo will do that to ya ...

Singapore is only a small island.  You can literally ride a push bike around it in less than a day so I'm very impressed with the amount of land they've dedicated to their zoo.

I found the zoo to be well kept, with decent sized enclosures* and lovely walking paths.  There was a good variety of animals and the messages of animal preservation were fairly strong. A big message throughout the park was putting an end to the illegal smuggling of animals and to the cruelty that comes with sourcing some animal based medicines. 

The zoo experience was lovely.  I mean, as lovely as you can get in extreme body drenching heat. 

There were basic fans around the park, but a few water misting fans would have been nice to give us a break from the constant heat.  Perhaps even some of those squirty hand-held fans at the gift shop could have been a bonus. I swear I would have paid twenty bucks for one. But when all else fails you can always go to the polar bear exhibit to cool off.

The zoo highlight for me was the night safari tour.  This is an additional component and one that I may never get the opportunity to experience again.  I don't have any photos to share on account of the dark, but basically we got on a tram that took us in and around animal exhibits to view their nocturnal habits.  It was fantastic! So peaceful, so interesting and so incredibly surreal. 

If you're heading to Singapore, be sure to add the zoo to your list of must sees.  It's reasonably priced and a great place for the whole family.

There are some half decent food options there as well, particularly around the Night Safari area.  You can even grab yourself a beer! Or a gelato... whichever floats your boat.

For more information on the zoo you can go to www.zoo.com.sg

*Is there actually such a thing as a "decent sized enclosure" when it comes to containing animals? 


  1. Looks like you are having a great time. When do you get back?

  2. I love the Singapore Zoo, it the best one I have been to.

    1. It's definitely lovely. Second only to Dubbo Zoo for me ...

  3. I've only been to Singapore the once - when I was living in Cambodia in 1997 - so I really can't remember if we went to the zoo. I remember Sentosa Island and Raffles! Mostly I was excited to be somewhere that had real shops and hot water!

    But ugh... I don't envy you that heat and humidity!

    1. Sentosa was fun! We've been there twice. Once for the water park and once for the "beach". Heading back tomorrow for Universal Studios. The heat and humidity is definitely a challenge for me.

  4. I went there some 14 years ago, gosh I can't believe it was so long ago, it was one of the nicest ones I've been to!

    1. Singapore do "aesthetically pleasing" so well. Everything is just so visually appealing here.

  5. Nocturnal Zoo tours are the best. I did at Taronga, then the early morning one.
    Lemurs are my favourite and the tiger.
    Thanks for linking up.

  6. Singapore zoo seems like a worth visiting place! Love your photos!


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