Saturday, April 8, 2017

Day 2732 - Quick catch up

So, what's happening in your world?

This is just a very quick post to say I'm too busy to blog.

Why so busy? Well there's the volunteer stuff for the local soccer club, I've also been hanging out with international cheerleading coaches this weekend and I'm doing my best to get my next magazine out which is due in 2 weeks. Plus ... you know ... clients and being a mother and mumager and that sort of stuff.

Oh, and it's school holidays which means a dash to the coast.

So, that's me, what about you?  


  1. She is gorgeous! We like to kick back and relax at home on public holidays. Dave is usually working though so it's nice to just spend time at home with the girls without anything to do when he does have a public holiday off.


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