Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Day 2888 - Wellness Wednesday - Become one with nature edition

Has spring sprung in your area?

It seems after yet another way too long winter, we may actually have something that resembles spring in the ACT.

It's the perfect time to get outside and reconnect with nature.

Research suggests that nature can help with mindset. Research out of the Netherlands found that people who live near a park or wooded area a less likely to suffer anxiety or depression.  A study from the UK noted that taking a walk in the country reduced depression in over 70 percent of participants.  A Stanford study found quantifiable evidence that walking in nature can lead to greater well-being.

Of course we all know that sunlight and blue sky days play a big part in a positive mindset.  I know that my winter blues have started to lift this week as I absorb the warmer temps and everything spring has to offer.

Being outside allows us to connect to the simplicity of life and the magic of creation.  Wandering through the green grass, along a garden path, up a hill, beside a lake or among blossoming trees also inspires us to become more active.  Taking note of our surroundings, breathing in the air, watching the wildlife and smelling the scents also helps us to be mindful.

What is it about being outdoors that's so good for our mental health?

Jo Tracey
Fellow Blogger, Author, Writer and Astrologer says
"The fresh air and nature grounds me in a way the inside of a gym never can. It stimulates every sense, increases my awareness and never fails to lift my mood."
Check out Jo's website here

Kathy Marris
Writer at Fifty Shades of Age says
"I love the great outdoors and walk most days of the week.  I also enjoy getting out and about into nature with my camera.  There is no better therapy than nature."
Check out Kathy's blog here

Let's face it, becoming one with nature is good for our mental health.

So if you're feeling blue, maybe it's time to take spring by the blossoms and take a hike!

Happy Wellness Wednesday.  

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  1. I'm seeing a new therapist and in our latest session we talked about the whole concept of 'grounding' ourselves. I commented on my favourite (local) pier walk which reminds me that I'm part of something bigger.


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