Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Day 10

I am sitting here smack back in the middle of spring and the weather is atrocious! For some reason winter has extended beyond the calendar and we are still in our winter woollies praying for sunlight. I have this terrible feeling that we are going to be totally ripped off this year and go from the cold of winter straight into the stifling heat of summer.

If we look at life what seasons do we age through? I guess spring is always the beginning of life isn’t it? That’s when the lambs are born, when blossoms bloom, when grass starts to grow and birds nest. So I guess spring would be the first decade of your life when you are deep in the simplicity of kid-nom. Then the joy, festivities, and dazzling days of summer would have to be those teenage years! Where there is warmth, bikinis, colourful clothes, colourful people, colourful drinks, colourful holidays with the occasional stifling hot day that totally floors you and you wonder when you will be released from the warmth and allowed to breathe freely. So the 20s must be autumn given autumn is when the air is fresh, leaves start to fall, warm days are mixed with cooler days, and the environment puts a few last growth efforts in before it becomes dormant. In your 20s you get freedom, you become an adult, you set up your life path, you shed a few leaves and you probably start to pad the ol’ body out a bit in case winter can’t sustain you. That leaves winter being the 30s where growth stops, we start to hibernate, we hoard, we stay safe and we plateau. For me although the 30s gave me children I spent that decade huddling them close, varying very little from routine and staying in the comfort of home life, routine and a kind of default position. But now I have hit the 40s and it seems from my theory above that I am now back to spring again! Which means new beginnings, growth and the time to bloom!

Today I am off to spend time with my 88 year old grandmother. If you continue through the seasons of life your 50s will be another summer to kick up your heels and party hard, the 60s will be autumn where you shed more layers, enjoy the change in climate and start hoarding, and the 70s will give you winter where I guess you plateau in older age and sit tight hoping to make it through to another spring. So Nanna is well into her old age spring where she has in fact experienced growth and new beginnings due largely to the fact that for the first time since she married over 50 years prior, during her 80s decade she was once again experiencing life on her own. She did a great job! For a start, she is still with us. At my 40th party she was still on the dance floor and during footy season she still screamed the loudest when her almighty Tigers took to the field. I wonder how it feels to be in the last phase of the final life spring? Will summer hold the same charm as it always has? I am sure it will. Although Nanna goes through peaks and troughs, as we all do, she always manages to view the world through a very positive lens. And she is surrounded by so much love that we'll be sure to get her through to another life summer.

Right now I am sharing life’s spring with both my kids, my husband and my grandmother! That's extraordinary. Spanning 4 generations, 3 are in the same stage of seasonal growth. Spring has sprung. Indeed it has. I just wish it would bloody warm up a bit!

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