Thursday, October 15, 2009

Day 11

I got the most beautiful Olga Berg Clutch for my birthday from a lovely person in my life. I just love it. I was trying to explain the importance of an Olga Berg Clutch to Derek and he just stared at me with absolute shock. He didn’t really want to hear about my Olga Berg Clutch at all! In fact he pulled one of those hairy eyeball stares on me. Oh the communication break down. That is why women need other women in their lives. Besties, soul sistas, people to share the joy of something as simple as new shoes, a great hair cut, pain free waxing and an Olga Berg Clutch. As I waved the handbag in front of his eyes saying “you know some people actually appreciate an Olga Berg Clutch” he said “I don’t know who this Olga Berg is or what she is clutching but for the last few minutes I thought it was your older bird crotch!” I can see the lines of communication between husband and wife are as clear as ever. Older bird indeed …

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