Friday, October 16, 2009

Day 12

Does anyone out there get text messages from randoms? We’ve all had phone calls that have ended in “sorry, wrong number”, but now I am starting to get texts that give me lots of information but aren’t actually meant for me. With a phone call you never actually get to the reason for the call, you know pretty quickly that you’ve been misdialled. But with a text you know exactly what the communication is about so you’re privy to someone else’s ramblings. The problem with the random text for me is that it can take me a while to work out it isn’t actually for me. You see, memory loss is a significant issue post-pregnancy and in middle age. Well, for me it is. So when I get a random text I can literally sit with my head in my hands pulling at my hair saying “think Leanne think” as I try to work out what I have actually signed on for or which client is asking me for advice.

One day about a year ago I got a message saying “come to Dean’s bucks party on Saturday night, we’re all gonna be there, he’s told me to drag you by the short and curlies if necessary”. Right. Well. I knew straight away that I wasn’t expected to attend Dean’s bucks party. I had a bit of a laugh and replied “thanks for the invitation, I am assuming you want me to be the stripper, but my husband has rejected the idea”. He (whoever he was) came back with “whoops, wrong number”. Recently though the randoms haven’t been so easy to identify as randoms. Two days ago I got a message that said “Hi Leanne, what time did we organise the beauty trial for and what do you think of false eyelashes”. Hmmmm. They used my name. This must be for me. What have I signed up for? Was I hosting some sort of party plan session, was my beautician following up on some sort of appointment I had made, or had I agreed to take my niece-in-law-to-be to her wedding preparation? Shit. Think Leanne think! About ten minutes into my deliberation I decided it was a random and went back to the sender with “not sure this was meant for me but I personally love falsies”. Whoever it was agreed it was a wrong number. But yesterday’s text really had me stuffed. Yesterday I was told “hey Leanne, don’t forget touch footy starts this week. Be there at 5.45 and wear your white warm up shirt.” Now that threw me. Again with my name! What on Earth had I agreed to? Think Leanne think! Have my boot campers formed a team and we’re all expected to participate? Had I had a few too many drinks recently and decided to extend my exercise prowess? Surely not! No. It had to be another random. It was different number than the day before. There are too many Leanne’s in people’s address books quite obviously and whoever it was had just chosen the wrong one. Yes, that had to be it. So with that I went back and said “what have I signed up for? Not sure this was meant for me.” And I got back a very prompt and simple “ta”. So what does all this mean? Other than the concept of the wrong number extending beyond voice communication, are my memory cells that depleted that I can’t work out fact from fiction? Are there just too many Leanne’s out there to choose from? Is my phone number spread too far and wide? Or do I, as someone suggested, just have so much on that I can’t keep track of my life anymore. Either way for sanity to prevail I’m either going to change my name to something unmistakable or deactivate my in-box. These messages are seriously doing my head in!

C U 2morrow – Helga x

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