Saturday, October 17, 2009

Day 13

I was handed a sample the other day by a well meaning Avon rep of Anew Clinical Derma-Full – facial filling cream. Facial FILLING cream? What does that mean? The only time I have ever filled my face is during an eating frenzy, not for dermatological purposes. Do I have something that requires filling? According to the spiel on the back of the sachet this is a skincare breakthrough containing pharmaceutical grade hyaluronic acid which apparently is a proven wrinkle filler. So this well meaning Avon rep is telling me to throw acid on my face because I have too many wrinkles? What the hell?

So after a long hard look in the mirror I see that all those wonderful laugh lines, surprise furrows and neck crevices which I had been proudly referring to as the “road map of my life” are now nasty canyons that require dermatological treatment.

Hmmmm …..

Could one little sample sachet fix this environmental erosion? I guess it is worth a try. So today I piled some pharmaceutical grade hyaluronic acid onto my face to watch the magic of dermatology take effect. I’ve heard of models using hemroid cream on their flabby bits to suck it all back into place, but this seems much more dignified so if it works, that very bold Avon rep might just have a new customer.

If it doesn’t work then it has opened up a can of worms I hadn’t known existed before. Apparently my face needs filling and I will need to find a cure. Can you buy hemroid cream in bulk?

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