Sunday, October 18, 2009

Day 14

Oh man. It’s the end of the weekend and the house is a disaster! As a wife, household manager, cleaner, taxi driver, tutor, chef, counsellor, personal shopper and mother the weekends are when you get ahead of the game so you are ready for the week ahead. The weekends hopefully give you some freedom during the week to pursue other interests and paid work outside the work of the family matriarch. Not this time. We had our nephew’s wedding yesterday which means Saturday was completely taken up with wedding preparation, the ceremony and the reception. I did manage to do two loads of washing in the morning with Derek’s assistance, but other than a quick wipe over in the bathrooms the house didn’t get touched. Today was more of the same with Tahlia having to attend additional callisthenics classes, Darby attending a birthday party, and then us all trooping off to the post-wedding BBQ. After the late night and all the running about I spent my Sunday afternoon dribbling in slumber on the couch. And now here it is Sunday evening and I have pretty much done diddly squat. Bugger. It’s nothing new I suppose. To fully live your life you actually get out of the house and live, but the problem is there are no fairies back home working their magic as you’re out there living. And now I have nothing planned for dinner, I have nothing prepared for the week, and I have not packed for Tahlia’s school camp. Nothing. Shit. Darby mentioned recently that he has seen Santa’s elves around the place. Maybe if I left some money lying around they might do a spot of house work. Yeah, that might work. If you believe hard enough anything is possible (isn’t it?).

Post script: not more than 10 minutes after signing off Darby saw an elf run across the room and on top of the fridge! In our excitement we opened the freezer in case he had darted in there and a packet of meat pies fell out. Dinner! All you need is belief ...

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