Monday, October 19, 2009

Day 15

Wouldn’t it be great if when getting your license renewed you could take in your own photo and have them use that for your license! Since the day I turned 40 exactly 15 days ago, I have been driving around unlicensed. Where I live they have very cleverly coordinated drivers license renewal with every 5 year birthday, so of course turning 40 meant it was time to renew. But turning 40 also means you want a good license photo to keep you feeling sensational right up to your 45th birthday (where you will never get your photo taken again and always demand the previous version). I have never had a good license photo. The hair-dos on my previous 3 have been quite tragic! At 25 I had a long perm with some sort of coif going on up top, at 30 I had short hair and the face of a watermelon after having gained 23 kgs during my first pregnancy, and at 35 my freshly died black hair and beige suit made me looked washed out and anaemic. So it was very important to me that I don’t go and have the photo taken until I am feeling extraordinarily glamorous! But you see, with all the fatigue I have been feeling of late, and the fact that it has rained every day since my 40th, I have put off the license renewal due to puffy eyes, grey skin and frizzy hair. Derek of course has expressed concern, but I figure if I get pulled over I have a very good defence. You can’t seriously expect me to renew my license with frizzy hair can you? No, of course not. Every police officer would know that. Anyway, last Thursday I finally had a rain free day, and 10 hours sleep, which meant I could renew with absolute confidence. I washed and dried my hair, wore a sweater that best complemented my eye colour, and did a full make up. I even took a self photo with the digital camera to check that I looked as fabulous on screen as I did in the mirror. Check! All sorted. I walked outside, drove around the block and returned to the house. It bloody started raining again! Bugger. Friday I awoke with a migraine so didn’t leave the house. And of course you can’t renew on the weekend. So today I have done it all again and am walking out the door. It looks like rain … but … wish me luck! You see, if they would just let us take our own photos in this wouldn’t be an issue ….

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