Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Day 16

My ten year old daughter set off this morning for her first ever school camp. We had to front up to the school with duffle bags, backpacks and sleeping bags at dawn this morning ready for their four hour bus trip to Western Plains Zoo. What a great excursion! The thing that struck me about the expedition was that she wasn’t the slightest bit concerned or fearful of leaving home, there was absolutely no trepidation just pure joy. Wow. Well, I guess she is now officially an adolescent. Apparently adolescence now spans the ages of 10 – 23 which is freaky in itself. I am the parent of an adolescent! And to have that adolescence span 13 years is just pure agony. Geez. What happened to having a “tweenie” where we had those in between years to get ready between childhood and adolescence. That has all gone out the window. Just BANG and they have arrived. Crap. This is going to be a bloody long road … made even longer by the fact that we actually have two adolescences under our parental care. Wow again. My 21 year old step-daughter is also an adolescent according to the new data. And here I was thinking she was out there in the world of adulthood when in actual fact she is in the same life category as her ten year old sister. That explains a lot!

At the other end of the scale I have my little man who clung to me like a kitten this morning (complete with claws) as I tried to drop him off at school. It seems that kindergarten is fine with the knowledge that his bigger sister is on the school grounds in case he needs her. With her off on her big adventure he was feeling very vulnerable.

At least someone still needs me.

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