Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Day 17

After years spent lying in the sun and a couple of irresponsible additional years spent on a tanning bed, it was time for this piece of deep fried fruit to head to the skin doctor. I would be lying if I didn’t admit to being a bit frightened. I have always kept an eye on my skin and I have had a GP look at it before, but given I am an avid sun follower I was definitely overdue for a specialist. Don’t get me wrong, I am not completely useless. I do wear sunscreen, I just don’t do the whole neck to knee and hat routine. And I do actually lie splat on the beach in my bikini and hope the rays will work on my skin tone. So all in all I’m a bit naughty.

So after stripping to my underwear (I wore my best undies for the occasion) I got to see what my skin looks like up close, under a light and flashed across the computer screen. No way!!! Get out!!! OMG!!! Holy shit!!! My d├ęcolletage looked like the nose of an alcoholic! Oh how sad, how very very sad. There were all these broken capillaries and lines and brown dots and smudges and it was hideous. Dreadful. Apparently my daily moisturising ritual which includes SPF 15+ should extend beyond my face to my neck and chest. Isn’t that what my beautician has been trying to tell me? You see it’s not so much the coastal splat attacks that have weathered me, but the everyday running about in tops that are far too revealing! Oh crap. But that is the extent of the bad news. Years of wearing makeup with sunscreen has protected my face, and the rest of my body is doing very well! Apart from two big freckles in between my toes (who knew you needed sunscreen on your toes?) there is nothing to worry about. I don’t even need that special chemical peeling face stuff at the moment. She suggested that would come in about 10 years. Of course she stated that all tanning from here on in should be of the spray variety … hmm … I could probably live with that.

So the good news is that this fruit is not fully deep fried just yet …

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