Thursday, October 22, 2009

Day 18

I suddenly had this overwhelming urge to clean out my closet yesterday. Overwhelming urge actually sounds like I had been poked by my sub-conscious. The reality is I was poked by a stray coat hanger as it flung off the rail due to the pressure of overcrowding. So let me rephrase this. I had no choice but to clean out my closet yesterday. As a success trainer one of my techniques to get people in a positive mindset is to clean out their cupboards because according to me (and I quote) “cleaning out your cupboards and vacuuming the house is like cleansing the mind and dusting the soul”. I must have been channelling my inner Julia Childs to come up with that one. So I am taking my own advice and trying to shed a few garments to create some simplicity.

As I was piling clothes on the floor it occurred to me that I am really cheap! No seriously, I am. There may be a lot about me that is expensive (like my massages, my various projects, maintaining my nails, my need for quality hotels) but when it comes to clothes I am bloody cheap! I looked to see what I had spent on clothes this year and all I have bought in the entire 10 months is one pair of swimmers (bought on holidays), one pair of boots (given to me for Mothers Day), 5 tops (all of which were $15 or less), 3 sun dresses (bought on holidays), 2 pairs of capris (bought at an outlet), one pair of slacks (do people still use that word?), some exercise clothes, some sneakers and a pair of ugg boots (my old pair were 20 years old). Oh, and a bra and some magic undies that pull all your deep fried fruit together inside a scuba suit type garment to make it look like you are hotter than you actually are. I am cheap I’m telling you! When it comes to clothes I appear to be quite low maintenance.

But that begs the question: if I have only bought a handful of new things, does that mean the clothes I have in my cupboard are completely out of date? Or am I just so clever that I buy classic styles that have no use-by date? I remember when I first started working for the Government back in 1993. It was my second day of work and I shared a lift with a guy wearing a light blue safari suit. A safari suit! Now I know 1993 is eons ago, but seriously, safari suits were created then promptly exterminated in the 70s. There is absolutely no excuse for the safari suit. To be wearing a safari suit in 1993 means only one of two things – this guy just woke from a 20 year coma or he looked after his clothes too well. I realised then and there that there was a disadvantage to looking after your stuff. Here I am 16 years later guilty of that very thing. My stuff isn’t that old I might add, but some of it is coming up to their 10th birthdays. That means I had them when I was 30. It is ok for deep fried fruit to wear the clothes of a nice ripe banana? Or is this the typical mutton/lamb scenario? And as I slid into some of my old gear I quickly realised that just because you can do it up doesn’t mean you should wear it. Mumble pants were never in and vacuum sealing only works for food. Get rid of it! Pass it on. Someone out there is looking for an outfit for their bad taste party …

And with that I have declared today international update your wardrobe day! I’m going shopping ….

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