Saturday, October 24, 2009

Day 20

Whether you are deep fried fruit at 40, a nice ripe banana at 30 or a tart green apple at 20 there is just no place for a Mum to go to get any peace and quiet. In our house the marital bed doubles as the family rumpus room, the toilet is a free-for-all and the bath now seems to be the meeting place.

One of my favourite things is to wake up next to my children, so co-sleeping is fairly common in our house, which means I don’t go to my bedroom to be alone. Going to the toilet has always been an open-door event for reasons I don’t recall, so whether you need peace in that department or not, it doesn’t seem to be an option. But having a spa bath has always been my haven, my sanctuary, my sacred space. I was always able to go in there with a glass of champagne, a magazine and a few candles and everyone knew it was “Mummy’s time to be alone”. Gradually things have changed and it now seems to be the place where you can “corner Mummy and get her undivided attention”.

Tahlia rarely bothers me in the bath. I think that is due in large part because now that she is 10 she doesn’t much like to see Mummy naked as it’s really gross. Darby has no concept of a shut door and doesn’t even notice that Mummy is naked he just needs to know where I am at all times and he keeps tabs on how long I am separated from the family. Derek loves to see Mummy naked so uses any excuse possible to have his own private viewing. The reality is that Mummy’s sacred place is becoming less and less sacred. It has gotten to the point where they even bring the phone to me in the bath when I get a call. I know that the person on the other end of the phone doesn’t necessarily know that I am naked, but I know I am naked, and it can be quite off-putting when you are having a conversation with your child’s teacher wearing nothing but a face cloth. I should have realised the bath was turning public the year I got a water-proof phone for my birthday. That was so I didn’t have to worry about drowning the family phone. Guess what? I wouldn’t have to worry if you would stop bringing calls to me as I bathe!!

Last night I put my foot down. Derek brought the phone in and announced that “so-and-so” was on the phone. I threw the best hairy-eye-ball I could muster and said “I’m in the bath!!” He hairy-eye-balled me right back and included a raised eyebrow to indicate “what’s your problem?”

What is my problem? My problem is I don’t have a lock on the bathroom door. My problem is I don’t have any bloody escape hatch. My problem is I don’t have access to the roof! My problem is I wouldn’t change things for the world ….


  1. Really enjoyed the blog this morning,the best yet. Also admiring the list of followers you have. I am looking for some feline fanciers, please keep a look out for me!

  2. Ah yes. I can see by your daily anecdotes that the crazy cats equate to children when it comes to trying to find a bit of privacey. There really are many parallels! Will keep a lookout for some quirky feline fellows ...

  3. Hence the absence of baths in my life.


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