Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Day 24

What is up with this fatigue? I am so bloody sick of it! Bring on summer and a vitamin D fix. I can hardly type. My thought bubbles have turned to big empty clouds. I can’t keep dragging myself around like this. If this is what it’s like to be 40 you can have it back! What happened to my theory about the coming of my second spring? What happened to me embracing 40 as the birth of … um … something new? What happened to being fit and fabulous?!

My pill popping porridge isn’t working at all. My iron injections aren’t working. My exercising through it isn’t working. My positive attitude and zest for life isn’t working. Smiling all day to increase my dopamine levels is only making me look like a clown. Give me a clue! What else is there?

I had a slow day on the weekend to try and recuperate. As the Bible says, Sunday is a day of rest. Well, I rested. I couldn’t have gotten any slower.

Forget finding my inner reptile - I had joined the Testudinidae family. Just put a house on my back and call me Tommy Turtle. I pottered and sat, and pottered and sat, and then pottered some more, and sat … and then when that got too much I headed out for a massage where I woke myself up snoring on the massage table. I actually think I may have died for a second as I had an out of body experience during that session. The snoring snapped me back into place luckily. Then I came home and hopped straight into a candle lit bath (thanks Derek) where I stayed until I turned Shar Pei. I was enticed out of the spa by the aroma of a Sunday roast (thanks again Derek!) I ate it with what energy I had left and then floated into bed where I was asleep by 8.30. On Monday I woke up more fatigued that when I went to bed! Having Tahlia at home sick gave me an excuse to stay home and remain testudinidae. Despite the pole dancing, or maybe because of it, Tuesday was no better. The fog intensified to the point that no planes were allowed to leave my airport. I’m not sure what advice air control is going to give me today, but I think the airport remains closed for safety reasons.

Clearly this Shar Pei tortoise requires a burst of adrenalin. Can you buy adrenalin in a bottle?

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