Saturday, October 10, 2009

Day 6

When I woke up this morning I was all ready to write about running, and how unnatural it is, and how I started running only 6 months ago, and that “fun run” was an oxymoron etc etc, and it was going to be a reflection on how I made it through my first 5km event with two fabulous coaches who convinced me that although I felt like I was about to poo myself I actually wouldn’t and how I didn’t vomit during the run but I did as I crossed the finished line ….

That was what I had planned on writing this morning but that little reflection was quickly replaced by my true life current story of the day.

I actually did go for a run this morning with the dog but rather than it being a deep fried fruit victory I came limping home in tears. It wasn’t enough that our overweight Labrador couldn’t make the distance and I ended up dragging him home by the lead. It wasn’t enough that I got dive bombed several times by a nesting bird on the main road in front of peak hour traffic. No, I had to go one step further and take a very unattractive, uncoordinated and painful nose dive over the dog for all the world to see. Max it seems was so tired that he couldn’t go any further and stopped dead in front of me. He just stopped! Not only did I fall over, but I fell over on him leaving us both in a pile on the tar. Of course this became threatening for the dive bombing bird who I thought was long gone and we again became a target. So as the cars rolled past us on the main road, the dog and I lay in a pile on the side road looking accusingly at each other as we assessed our injuries and got swooped by a Kamikaze larine. After taking the Lord’s name in vain several times I eventually got up and with as much dignity as I could muster limped home. But there is nothing dignified about a fully grown adult falling over. Scraped hands and knees are not pleasant at any age, but at 40 they’re just wrong! And I seemed to have sprained my finger …


  1. Oh dear sorry to hear about the not so fun run. I commend you on your effort, my question to you is will you be taking Max next time or just yourself.

  2. I put my runners on the next day and he wouldn't make eye contact with me. I think he has made the decision for me ...


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