Monday, October 12, 2009

Day 8

I know I keep saying it, but I am seriously tired. No really, I am absolutely fatigued. Not even chronically fatigued, but acutely fatigued. I said to Derek yesterday “do you think I’m dying?” and of course he said “we’re all dying”, and I said “I know but do you think I am terminally ill and gonna die soon?”, to which he said “have a blood test”. Go away Derek. I have even had friends approach me over the last 3 weeks at different times asking me if I am ok as I look sick. Great! Just what I need to hear. I look like shit in other words.

After two weeks school holiday, in which we had Tahlia’s 10th birthday party, my 40th party and our state cheerleading championships (we won yesterday – did I tell you that?), the kids went back to school this morning. That means of course that we are back into routine and I need to get back to business. But now I need a holiday from the kids holiday. Instead though I had Derek reach into the back of the medicine cabinet and pull out every vitamin and mineral we own so I can inject some life back into my body. So I am joining the club of the aging by having a pile of pills beside my cereal bowl each morning in an attempt to survive the day. Perhaps I should forego the cereal altogether and just pile the tablets in a bowl and pour milk over the top and start spooning it in. Yep, that’s what I’ll do. Forget deep fried fruit … I’ve now got pill popping porridge.

I declare today a write off. Instead of seizing the day and taking care of business, I am going to listen to my inner reptile and become a lounge lizard. I’m just gonna hang and chat with my celebrity peeps Oprah and Ellen …

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