Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Reaching the milestone

Welcome to Deep Fried Fruit the official blog of a fit and fantastic 40 year old female.

My name is Leanne. I am 40. Well, to be honest I am 40 years and 3 days old.

40? 40!! Where did that come from? I guess it has been 40 years in the making ... but really, it has only been one year in preparation.

Last year I turned 39. I guess that makes sense given I am now 40. 40 does actually come after 39. When I turned 39 I panicked. What the hell is 39? No seriously, what is it there for? Why not just bloody give us 40 and be done with it. 39 is absolute bullshit! It's like this big tease ... like the calm before the storm ... or Indian Summer ... or that false sense of security you feel before a big catastrophe. 39 felt like that first dip when you round the top of the roller coaster and then whoooooooosssshhhhh ....

So I turned 39 and realised I only had one year left to do all the things I said I would do before I reached that other milestone. The official midlife. Shit. SHIT SHIT SHIT. I had spent the last decade putting everything else aside to be a wife and mother. It was all about having and raising kids. Not that that is a bad thing. Of course not, but what about those other goals I had set for myself? What happened to them?

But then I realised, I am only 39! I still have a year to get ready for the big 4 ...0... I have 12 months, I have 52 weeks, I have 365 days! Wooo Hooooo. I am ONLY 39.

So with that I spent the last 12 months preparing for 40. I got fit for the first time in my life, I lost all my baby weight (finally), I set up my own business and I started on the path to my life goal of being an author. So in my 39th year I just scraped in. By my 40th birthday I had done it. And now I am here. But what do I do with it now? I kind of feel like deep fried fruit. You know, like battering a banana and deep frying it. Is it good for you or is it bad for you? Does the deep frying cancel out the fruit ... or does the fruit cancel out the deep fried batter? Hmmmm. Interesting question isn't it.

Is "fabulous at 40" an oxymoron? Does the fit and fabulous cancel out being middle aged, or is middle age the big deep fried matter that makes fit and fabulous just a foolish illusion?

That my dear readers is the million dollar question! Tonight I invite you on a journey to join me in my first year of the second half of my life.


  1. I love this Leanne and I love that you made the decision to take action and you did it! I'll be 38 this year and want to be on the right path before I turn 40. Just one problem, I'm not quite sure what that path should be! But you have done it, you are now an author and about to embark on a marketing odyssey to New York. I think, in this case, deep fried fruit is a very good thing. Thanks so much for linking up to I Must Confess!

  2. LOL - it seems like just the other day I was turning 40 and, now in two years time I will be turning 50 !!! Where did the time go to ? What I am glad I did was starting exercising and getting healthier - I am sure my body will appreciate it when the big 50 rolls around !!!
    Have a great weekend !
    #Confession Time visitor

  3. I will e 38 this year and I am freaking out the closer I get to 40.

    This was really interesting to read seeing that you are off to New York to pursue that said business dream. Very exciting!


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