Monday, November 2, 2009

Day 29

There is so much freedom associated with being away from home. We don’t have to worry about school, washing, cleaning, work, clients, sport, cooking, bills. All of those things exist in a parallel universe which we are temporarily removed from. For the moment our day consists of beach, fishing, beach, eating, beach, walking, beach, sleeping, beach, reading, beach, beach, beach. And what is it with that sea air?! It’s heavenly. As much as I love our home and our family life, for the sake of sanity a serenity trip every now and then is absolutely essential. It’s the one time I get to switch off completely. Yep, completely. My brain reverts to neutral. Occasionally I get into first gear but for the most part I remain in park the entire time we are away, Derek uses these trips as a time for active parenting. He does the fishing thing, the boogie boarding, cricket on the beach, building sand castles. I just take my batteries out and go “splat”.

How do you get a piece of this? Well you need to have in-laws who live on the coast and with whom you adore. And of course they have to adore you too or it just won’t work. My mother-in-law cooks for us, cleans up after us, and even does our washing if we put it out for her. In return we take them out to dinner and provide them with award-winning company. It’s that simple! Of course she is probably wandering about mumbling to herself about how lazy I am and how I don’t lift a finger. I do actually lift a finger. I am lifting a finger now … I am lifting 10 actually as my fingers fly across the key board.

Serenity. A disposition free from stress or emotion.

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