Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Day 31

It’s that time of year again. Time to see the trusty gyno. Hmmm. You have to have a good relationship with your gynaecologist. You can’t hate them or cringe in their presence given they are, you know, going “down there”. But at the same time you can’t find them attractive or be quite fond of them because, you know, they are going “down there”. So the bottom line is you need someone you feel clinical towards but with whom you trust and communicate with. You have to find the balance.

Today was my annual check up. I don’t dread the trip, but I don’t race to it with enthusiasm either. It just is. It’s a “ho hum” kind of visit. My gyno is lovely. He is welcoming and warm, but not too warm. He knows my history and knows enough about me to make small talk, but doesn’t know too much. He spends enough time fussing around down there, but not too much time. He is pleasant to look at, but not too good looking. In other words he knows the system and he stays within the parameters.

Something I have noticed as I get older is that the things they need to do “down there” don’t get any easier nor do they get any fewer. You would think once you have been in a relationship for a million years and when you are no longer going down the baby making path that the gyno would be less necessary. But sadly no. It’s still necessary and the number of things he needs to deal with while not necessarily increasing, don’t decrease either. They just change.

The small talk didn’t change. He asked about my business, about my health generally, he talked about birth control and gave me an option to consider regarding my depleting iron supplies. I guess that is all good! No doubt I will be feeling a bit sad when birth control is no longer a topic for discussion, so I will savour that for a while. So all in all it was ok. Despite the positioning, the probing, the state of undress and the lack of eye contact. I am sure my results will come back clear. As usual he commented that my tattoo was still there. He appears quite fascinated by it because he talks about it every year. I guess it is around his line of vision so he can’t help but see it. Don’t be disgusting! It’s on my foot …

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