Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Day 37

After all that fatigue I have been feeling (and other various health issues which I will talk about another day) I have opted out of boot camp for this month. For the first time since I started back in February I am not doing any “push me till I puke” exercise. The prospect of stopping boot camp has been a big stress for me, because I can still remember all too clearly what it was like when I first commenced. The shock to my body of exercise is something I don’t want to repeat! Will boot camp avoidance send me back to whence I came? Will I lose my muscle tone and my fitness. How long does it actually take to start sliding back into the world of gasping breaths, screaming muscles and near death experiences?

It’s been 3 weeks without boot camp now and I have already put on 2 kgs. I guess the problem is I am eating like a boot camper, without exercising like a boot camper. Oh sure, I am doing my street funk and I am jumping about with my cheerleaders, but it’s not the drive-me-till-I-drop stuff I am used to. Self motivation when it comes to exercise is not my strong suit. I am self motivated in every other aspect of my life, but when it comes to sweat, I prefer to take the path of least resistance.

Today I am changing all of that! Today I am awake at my usual boot camp hour of 5.00am to greet the sunrise with my own little boot camp session. Sure, my health is still an issue, but so is my waistline! It’s time to get back on this horse …

It will be interesting to see if I can whip myself into line. How do I run my own boot camp? Who’s going to be the one to scream and yell and sit on me as I do push ups? This is going to be an interesting little experiment in self talk! If I were to yell “suck it up princess” do you think I will listen? Will I be afraid of my own voice? Hmm

I had some practice at it yesterday. The yelling that is. Yesterday I started a mini-version of boot camp for the cheerleaders. It’s time for them to build some muscle and endurance. There’s no grit in those little bodies! It’s time to make men out of these girls. We are going to add a teaspoon of cement and toughen them up! They are after all ten years old. Shouldn’t they be able to pull a truck by now?

So as I go to my own little boot camp this morning and yell at myself I will think of my little cheer chicks and the paces I put them through yesterday. I will think of the penalty push-ups I gave them for whinging. I will think about the sprinting I had them do with time penalties. I will think about the hand I put on their backs to add pressure in a push up. Oh, my poor little chickadees …

Oh man, it’s still dark outside. I’m tired. And hungry. My back hurts. Can I go back to bed?

“TOUGHEN UP PRINCESSSSSSSSS!!!!! Any more complaints and you’ll get penalties!”

“But ….”

“That’s it! Give me 50 ….”

“But ….”

“You want me to make it 60?”

Oh wow. She’s a tough one. Yep, I’m scared.

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