Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Day 38

One of the great things about deep fried fruit is that the birthday celebrations go on for ever!

Today I had a surprise. I don’t usually get surprised. My husband tried to surprise me over my 40th birthday weekend by organising for my uni friends to arrive the night before my party. He had hoped they would all go to a restaurant where he would take me for a “date night” and I would have the wonderful surprise of seeing my friends of 20+ years sitting waiting for me. You see, they live far and wide and we only get to see each other once every year or so. So it would have been a very good reunion. But during the coordination process there were too many variables and the surprise party was going to turn into 3 little surprise parties in the one 12 hour period and it caved Derek’s head in. So he withdrew. He came to me a few weeks before my birthday with his hands in the air in surrender position and told me he had failed. He quite simply couldn’t coordinate the reunion. It was all too hard. So I, while appreciating the gesture, ended up organising my own surprise party secretly disappointed that yet again I had never been surprised.

Well, my uni friends had an ace up their sleeve. They all put in for a gift that even I wouldn’t have expected. One of my long time friends drove five hours yesterday to take me to lunch and to stay the night. She then got me up at 5.00am for a dawn outing. What type of outing commences at sunrise? You guessed it - a hot air balloon ride. So this morning I was able to tick an activity off my bucket list! It was spectacular. A truly memorable experience.

Oh, and the balloon basket was full of deep fried fruit. Actually, other than my friend, I was probably the firmest of the bunch! It seems hot air ballooning is a popular item on the old “things to do before I die” list.

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