Thursday, November 12, 2009

Day 39

Socks! Or should I say sock?!

There is never two of them. What the hell happens to the other sock? As environmentally friendly as I try to be, someone should invent disposable socks. I have a mountain of single socks in my laundry with no sign of their partners ever returning. The divorce rate of socks is too high. They just don’t even try to stick it out anymore as a couple. At the first sign of trouble its splits-ville. The sock God needs to come forward and take charge of the situation. Couples counselling is obviously required. In a game of “animal, vegetable, mineral” socks are obviously animal. People think that sock puppets are the invention of desperate mothers who are trying to entertain attention deficit children. Wrong. Sock puppets are real. They exist. The only thing crafty about a sock puppet is their personality. Get your act together socks!! I beg of you. Your lack of commitment and respect is sending me around the twist.

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