Friday, November 13, 2009

Day 40

Mum and Dad are trekking through Thailand at the moment. No, not trekking around the shops, the beach or Pat Pong Road, they are actually wearing their David Attenborough shorts and hiking boots and trekking about the place visiting Kanchanaburi, River Kwai, farmlands, Ayuthaya, Chiang Mai, Palong Village, and Chiang Dao Mountain. They do this by local train, boat, elephant, and of course walking.

This isn’t their first trekking adventure. For Dad’s 60th birthday they went to Peru for the Machu Picchu adventure. And no, they didn’t catch the train for the bulk of the trip and only walk the end, they trekked the 80 kilometres or so from Cuzco walking the entire way. Wow. Of course they needed months of training for this amazing adventure. They did a practice trip with New Zealand’s Milford Walk to test Dad’s vertigo, their altitude resilience and of course their fitness. They passed with flying colours being the oldest couple there and leading the pack. I guess months of Saturday’s spent climbing up and down Bungonia Gorge with backpacks on their backs would have prepared them. And yes, they are the oldest couple on these expeditions. You see, the tours are designed for 20-40 year olds. Mum and Dad have to show references and other proof that they are able bodied enough to join the youngsters.

See how the trips are designed to finish when you turn 40! How’s that for making you feel your age. Is that true indication that 40 is old? Or are these things just not designed for the middle aged? Well, this little piece of deep fried fruit is not going to stand for that!!! Or am I?

You know what, as much as I admire what Mum and Dad are doing and I love that they are living life to the fullest, what on Earth possesses someone to take a vacation where they come out more physically exhausted than when they went in? And why in your 60s would you want to be fighting off leeches, mosquitoes and fire ants? (Dad was attacked by fire ants in the Amazon jungle – happy birthday Dad!) It really isn’t for me. I have visions of Mum and Dad right now on the back of some rickety old truck in Thailand, surrounded by pigs and chickens as they bounce down some jungle path.

I am going to have to decline on this in my 40s and perhaps rethink it next decade. As adventurous as it all sounds I think I will keep my nails and my stilettos for a little longer. Besides, my legs look like tree trunks in the safari shorts/hiking boots combination.

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