Sunday, November 15, 2009

Day 42

Has anyone ever gotten divorced because of a washing machine?

The reason for divorce is usually unreconcilable differences, but I want to see those “differences” mapped out. I reckon it would be a series of items such as not recapping the toothpaste, empty ice trays, lack of toilet etiquette, talking with your mouth full, and washing golf balls in the washing machine.

You heard me.

I couldn’t believe it! As Derek prepared for his big boys golfing weekend away I came home to a washing machine rattling like machine gun as an entire bucket full of golf balls were getting all shined up for the big testosterone filled event. What the?!?! I opened it up to find what looked like a lotto draw about to take place. Now, the washing machine gets used for some odd things but golf balls?

So what else gets washed in there? There is of course the very hairy dog blanket that gets washed leaving a film of blonde Labrador fur in the machine that takes 2 rinses and lots of towelling to remove. And of course the slippers covered in dog crap that he throws in there BEFORE the dog poo is removed. Now that’s disgusting. His argument being that babies nappies are washed in washing machines, why can’t dog faeces be included in that category. Because my dear Husband, the babies nappies are unloaded of their poop and soaked in bleach BEFORE they go in the machine. Let me see, what else? Um, there is the soft sided cooler bags, a beach bag full of sand and sunscreen (what a mess) and a tent. Hmmm. Oh and a pillow which of course came out lumpy and had to be thrown away ...

And he then complains that his clothes are coming out dirtier than they go in because of this strange dusty coating they are getting. Umm, I hate to suggest this, but is it possible this is another example of “the mash potato is making me fat?” Me thinks that if you stopped bringing the great outdoors into the washing machine, the washing machine may stop dusting the great outdoors across your t-shirts.

Forget deep fried fruit, I’m about to deep fry my husband.

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  1. You've posted 40 blogs, well done. I enjoyed the read as well.


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