Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Day 44

Australian day time television is banned in my house. Not because it’s not good. Kerry-Anne is lovely. It’s the shopping.

For 15 years I worked full time for the Australian Government spending ten hours a day in the office, so I was not privy to day time TV or the home shopping phenomenon. Then one day I was sick, about three months before I “retired” from the Government, and as I lay in my bed I discovered morning television. By the end of the day I had bought two vacuum cleaners (buy one get one free!), a steam cleaner and a diamondesque ring. We almost ended up with one of those belts that supposedly works your abs all day because it zaps you every few seconds causing you to clench, but luckily common sense prevailed. On leaving work to explore life as a stay-at-home mum I bought more wonderful inventions such as the Ab King Pro and the Leg Master. Both are now sitting on the front balcony covered in cob webs. That was when the daytime ban came into place. Home shopping has ceased and the credit card is healthy again.

But recently when I was visiting a new Mum with her 6 month old baby we sat drinking tea and I came face to face with my demon. She had daytime television on in the background. That’s when I saw it. The ShamWow. The ShamWOW!! My adrenalin started to surge. The cellular memory kicked in, the addiction bugs started to gurgle, I was heading for a relapse. According to the guy on TV “you’ll be saying wow every time you use this towel. It’s like a shammy, it’s like a towel, it’s like a sponge …. It holds 12 times its weight in liquid! Made in Germany (you know the German’s always make good stuff).”

It seems every house needs a ShamWow. If you spill a can of Coke on the floor it will soak it all up! Now that’s worth it. And if you buy it in the next ten minutes you not only get a pack of ShamWow’s of varying sizes but you get another entire pack free!! Well that’s it. I have to have one. Where’s my wallet? Has anyone seen my wallet? Bugger, I can’t find my wallet.

Oh, and now look what’s on! A swivel sweeper. Swivel sweeper is a lightweight, cordless, floor and carpet sweeper that lets you clean dirt faster and easier than any other cordless sweeper! Now that sounds like a good gadget to have. Oh wait, I have Roomba, I don’t need swivel sweeper. But I could use some of that tooth whitening stuff, and maybe even a cardio twister, and an inflatable sleeping bag bed, and a hair removal do dad, and an ultrasonic distance measurer .. (what the?!) … and ….

If I could only find my wallet ….

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