Thursday, November 19, 2009

Day 46

Oh man it’s hot. It is so freakin’ hot. Seriously hot. According to my trusty Nokia Nseries the temperature outside is currently 36 degrees. Which of course must be correct since the phone knows exactly where I am standing on this planet at any given time. In case of course, I get lost and don’t know where I am. It will be handy when dementia sets in I suppose. Anyway, it’s hot. Just walked in house and it is an oven. Must put air on. Despite my minimal attire of capris and a singlet top, there is sweat dribbling down my cleavage and it’s getting caught in the folds under my deep fried breasts. I can also feel it running down the backs of my legs. It’s too damn hot. It’s time to strategically place some ice cubes. Just tuck them into any piece of clothing that has enough elasticity to hold them (ie undies and bra). Ahh, that’s better.

Ding Dong. Someone’s at the door. Oh hello, it’s the telephone company offering to package up my options. Now that’s a come on line if ever I heard one! Sorry kid, I’m married, but thanks for thinking of me! I’m not listening to a word he is saying of course. Too hot. My eyes have glazed over from the spiel he is giving me and besides, my ice is melting. Oh dear, my ice is melting?! He’s seen it too. Quick escape. He no longer wants to package up my options. As far as he’s concerned I have breast feeding leakage and I just piddled my pants. Ice! It’s cooling and it repels! Huh, go figure ….

Doesn’t change the fact that it’s too damn hot. It’s nice that the Nokia can tell me that it’s hot, but what it really needs to do is change the temperature for me. Does the iPhone do that?

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