Saturday, November 21, 2009

Day 48

I am away!! I am away!! I am away!! This is Leanne and I am away!! This is not Mummy or Wife or Coach or Daughter or Grand Daughter, this is Leanne. I am 100% LEANNE!!

Ok, I sound a little too gleeful. But come on, I don’t do this very often. Just me, being away, with other female deep fried fruit, and limited responsibility. This feels good. Oh sure, I miss my kids and husband, but not enough to give up being nothing but Leanne for two whole days! Woo Hoo.

This is what 40 does for you. Well, this is what 40 has done for me. It has made me realise I don’t have to be Mum and Wife and Coach and Friend all day every day. I can actually be plain old (I mean young) Leanne sometimes and that is ok. I miss Leanne. Don’t get me wrong, Leanne is very happy and far more fulfilled and complete as a mum, wife and everything in between. But I miss being at one with Leanne. Spending time with the original Leanne on a one-on-one basis. The Leanne I grew to rely upon as an only child. I much prefer to be the Leanne of today than the Leanne pre-marriage and pre-children, it’s just nice to spend time with original Leanne occasionally so I can nurture that friendship with self.

This weekend I am spending time with Leanne! And you know something? She’s not a bad chick. Oh, ok there are other people here with me too. I guess I need to play with them as well or they will get jealous that I am spending all my time with Leanne. Sorry ladies. You’re not bad chicks either.

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