Monday, November 23, 2009

Day 50

Our car has a USB port so before we head off on a trip Derek loads up a memory stick with a variety of songs to keep us entertained along the way. He puts a few of his old fart tracks on there, some ACDC, INXS and Prince for me (nothing old fart about that), and of course the popular music for the kids (and me). That means that our kids are getting to appreciate a variety of music. Darby in particular likes his Dad’s choices which makes Derek believe (quite incorrectly of course) that his music isn’t quite so old fart after all …

Last week as we drove to school, Darby asked me to hook up the memory stick and put on the song about parrots. Hmm. I don’t know the song about parrots mate. He advised me that it was on the memory stick. There is definitely no song about parrots on the memory stick. He suggested it was actually about Rosellas. I was impressed that he knew a Rosella was a parrot! But no, no songs about Rosellas either. After scanning the USB and listening to Darby sing the words to “Rosella” I discovered he was in fact wanting to hear Rosanna by Toto. One of his Dad’s songs of course.

As he sang his version of Rosella I reflected on the music of the generations (much like I have recently reflected on the dance styles of the generations … deep fried fruit brings with it a lot of reflection.) My first record was an ABBA album. I had a cool aunty who was only a teenager when I was born so by the age of five I was already getting records from her. I think the next album I received was the Grease soundtrack. By the time I was a tweenie I was into the compilation albums such as Full Boar featuring the songs “Tell Me Why I Don’t Like Monday’s” and “Space Invaders” in 1980 I think and then 1982 Out Of the Blue (?) with Joan Jett and the Blackhearts singing “I Love Rock and Roll” and Split Enz with “Six Months on a Leaky Boat”. It was that music that my neighbour and I would perform concerts for my Mum in the lounge room using a sheet on a string as our stage curtain. It wasn’t until around 1985/1986 when I was 15/16/17 that music really took over my body and became the source of the greatest adrenalin energy. Do you remember what it felt like? I would watch Video Hits every Saturday morning and if I couldn’t be home I would video it (there was no satellite television or dedicated music channels in Australia back then). Music would just take over my soul and I would get so pumped and high it felt like a drug. That was when I discovered Prince, Michael Jackson, INXS, Culture Club, Wham and U2. Oh, and then there was Run DMC, Tone Loc, and Bon Jovi. Ahhh, those were the days ….

Music just doesn’t have the same impact on this deep fried fruit anymore. We did have an almighty disco for my 40th birthday bash where I got to dress up as Joan Jett and play air guitar on the dance floor (but everyone thought I was dressed as Tina Turner. She’s a grandmother! I’m only 40. How offensive …) But alas, the music drug just doesn’t course through my veins quite the same way anymore.

It is nice to see the kids enjoying it so much though. Especially Darby with his rendition of “Rosella”.

“I can’t hear when you fly away, Rosella yeah; The parrot’s gone and I have to stay; Meet you another day, meet you another day, Rosella yeah; Meet you another day, meet you another day, Rosella yeah"

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