Sunday, November 29, 2009

Day 56

Today is the day I take battle on frustrations. Yesterday as I verbalised my “frustration” about the publishing journey a dear friend said to me “change the word frustrated into fascinated”. She suggested that whenever you feel frustrated about something – anything – become fascinated by it instead. Hmph. Ok. Let’s give that a try.

I am very FASCINATED by the fact that I am not yet published. I am FASCINATED by the whole publishing process. I am FASCINATED that I get such positive feedback and encouragement but I still don’t make the final print lists.

I am also very FASCINATED that the kids need to go to the toilet just as we are walking out the door to school. I am very FASCINATED how my husband can leave the house with all cupboard doors open, lights on, washing up only half done and butter on the counter top. I am FASCINATED that the car in front of me slows for a green light and then holds up traffic for five minutes as the light proceeds to turn red. I am FASCINATED by the construction that is going on in my neighbourhood creating dust storms at every breeze and leaving films of dirt through my house daily. I am FASCINATED that everyone decides to do their Christmas shopping on the exact day and time that I decide to start mine. And I am absolutely mind bogglingly FASCINATED that to type this in peace I have to be awake at dawn on a Sunday. It is all really very FASCINATING.

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  1. Love, love, love this idea! I will also try to be fascinated with the publishing process.


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