Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Day 58

Last night as I lay on the couch watching family TV cuddled up with my husband and kids I felt at peace. Everyone was relaxed, we were laughing, there were no worries. I stroked Darby's hair with my right hand (he had fallen asleep) as I mindlessly twirled my engagement ring and wedding around on my left hand with my thumb. The rings are designed to fit together but they separate so I am always lining them back up again. Twirl, twirl, twirl. Thumb on top of metal and push and twist clockwise. Up again. Thumb on top of claws and push and twist clockwise. What?!?!!! Thumb on top of claws???!??? I sat for a split second as reality set in. I screamed. Darby fell off the couch and woke up crying. Everyone staring at me. My diamond!! "MY DIAMOND!!" "Oh my God Derek, my diamond!!!"

It was 12 years ago that Derek asked me to marry him. He had just secured full time employment with a telecommunications company and was in Sydney for training. By all accounts he had asked my parents permission (by phone) and had then bought the ring at a jeweller at The Rocks area. I was at the airport to collect him on the Friday evening (Friday 13th actually) and that is where he asked me. We were in the carpark and it had started to rain and he did this big spiel about life and love and having me in it. As he was saying all this he had produced the box and I started freaking out. I recall saying "don't you do this Derek, don't you do this. You had better not be teasing me. That had better be a ring in there and not earrings!" And then he asked the question "will you marry me?". And I screamed (I do a lot of that don't I?) and ran back into the terminal. He yelled after me "but you haven't answered me". I recall then running back and kissing him saying yes and then I bolted back to the terminal again because I just needed to run. The ring was one he chose himself which is an Argyle champagne diamond (rare) surrounded by 6 white diamonds in a flower design. It is sweet and unique. The champagne diamond alone is worth thousands.

Last night the horror set in that I have lost the champagne diamond. It has fallen out of my ring. After Derek got Darby settled into bed after the shock of falling off the lounge, we got on our hands and knees and scoured the lounge room, the couch, the kitchen and the bedroom. I have lost my diamond. My tiny little diamond. The diamond that is only the size of a crumb and worth far too much money. The diamond that could be lying absolutely anywere from the school playground, the cheerleading room, the car, the shops, the house, it's probably being kicked under furniture, could be stuck to the bottom of someone's shoe. My diamond is out there alone in a gigantic world where no one will ever find it. Or someone may find it and think it some piece of worthless bling that has fallen from a sequined Barbie tshirt.

Help me!!! I have lost my diamond. Given I am always twirling my rings and feeling the texture under my thumb, I really feel as though the diamond is still in my house. It may not be of course but my gutt tells me I would have realised much sooner if I'd of lost it outside the home. As I continue searching the house on my hands and knees during the dawn hours I marvel at just our freakin' dirty my floor is. I only vaccuumed it 4 days ago and it is littered with diamond sized crumbs and crap. Every morsel has to be picked up and examined for diamond qualities.

Shit. I have lost my diamond!!! I know this is not worthy of international press but it's my diamond. It's my Argle champagne diamond. I am feeling very odd about it. Numb perhaps. I am feeling lost. What happens now?

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