Friday, December 4, 2009

Day 61

Today I am sending Roomba off to find my diamond. I have prayed to St Anthony, but that is not working. Apparently I need to take it all a bit more seriously as swearing at him and calling him Tone won’t cut it. So I conjured up an image of St Anthony and expressed myself wholly and honestly. Still no diamond. So now it is Roomba’s turn.

Roomba is my robotic carpet sweeper. He is actually marketed as a robotic vacuum but he’s not a vacuum – he’s a carpet sweeper. When I left the Government I splurged and bought Roomba to prove a point - that just because I was now working from home DID NOT MEAN my sole role was now that of cleaner. There is nothing wrong with being a cleaner if cleaning makes you happy, but cleaning is not my purpose in life, however having a clean home is, so there is a disconnect there which needs some gap filler. Enter, Roomba! Roomba is cleaning my carpets and tiles as I type this. He is shuffling around the family room and kitchen collecting dog hair, crumbs, glitter, backyard dust and (hopefully) on Argyle champagne diamond! I could not live without Roomba.

Roomba got a bad rap one year in the Choice Magazine annual awards. He received a raspberry for being a useless vacuum cleaner. They should have spoken to me first. If you stop referring to him as a vacuum cleaner and start referencing him as a carpet sweeper instead, then the raspberry wouldn’t have occurred. The idiots put him on and expected him to clean the entire house in one session. Poor Roomba. Roomba is a short round disk which navigates its way around furniture, under beds and couches, over rugs, and into corners (with his little side brush spinning to get the stuff from the skirting boards). He is not a big R2D2 looking thing that can clean an entire house in one sitting! Idiots. He can only hold as much dirt as he can hold which is why I put him on in a different room each day and let him weave his magic while I am either at my computer, off doing groceries, with clients, cheerleading, enjoying lunch with friends or laying on the couch watching Oprah! That’s Roomba.

Today Roomba is off in search of my diamond. I figured that if I give him a room or two a day and then empty him onto the bench at the end of each room, I may just recover my engagement bling. If I spin around and pray to Tone a few more times he and Roomba may work together to create magic.

Hey, I was given a stack of angel wisdom and other assorted cards the other day from a publisher (publishers are fascinating aren’t they!) and the one that jumped out to me this morning was Mother Mary “expect a miracle”. Excellent. Now I have St Anthony, Roomba and the Mother of God! Surely I've got to recover my diamond now. Looks like it may just be a sparkly sort of day …

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