Saturday, December 5, 2009

Day 62

There are days I wake up and reality sets in and I wonder how on Earth I got to this point. No, not middle age. No, not marriage. Not even mother hood. What completely baffles me is how on Earth I became a cheerleading coach!

Cheerleading is not slowing down. It is snowballing! And why shouldn’t it? We ended up competing in four competitions this year, won all three of our state poms performances, got a 3rd in NSW, and a 2nd and 3rd in cheer. We are killing it! And we did finish up 2009 as the undisputed under 11s state poms champions !!! But wait, there’s more! That is only my original squad. The school is now inundated with cheerleaders all with great cheer spirit and performing wonderfully. Woo Hoo. Despite an earlier blog post suggesting otherwise, if you really look for it, there is plenty of cheerleading here in Australia. And we are adding to it big time.

The snowball affect is an interesting one. Kate, who WAS my assistant coach and school chaperone, got pretty excited about our first win early in the year and opened up cheerleading to the entire school. She’s a teacher so took it on board as her extra school activity. The school now has around 80 cheerleaders and my life it seems will never be the same again! And neither will hers … so it is lucky that she has way too much energy and excellent coordination skills. She has taken the school by storm. I'm happy to let her drive this bus ...

Even though I am no longer driving the bus, I am still sitting in the front seat of the cheer van. I am a cheerleading coach. I am a bloody cheerleading coach! How the hell did Leanne get to coach cheerleading? I have no cheerleading experience, no dance talent, no gymnastics background and absolutely no flexibility at all. And here I am coaching kids how to cheer! Well, that is something I can do. I can coach people to be happy and cheerful so I guess that is a good start. But the rest my friends is learned totally from books, Bring It On movies, and the internet!

So now I awake every day as a Mum, wife, business woman, author and cheerleading coach. I jump around the lounge room practicing moves, filming myself to teach the kids, mixing music, creating routines and stunts. I spend a couple of days a week at the school face-to-face coaching. It’s full on! And just when you think the last competition is over and it’s time to rest, we put on an end of year concert, as well as a cheer sleepover and start choreographing for next year! Oh, and we are also doing a Cheer Camp during the January summer holidays! What have I done?!?!? What is this cheer monster that has been created? And can someone please explain how a fit, fabulous and slightly fatigued piece of deep fried fruit took on the persona of a giggly piggy tailed American high school student?

They say you are only as young as you feel. Last night as I bounced around the school hall with around 60 cheerleaders during the squad sleepover, I felt 16. But after a night doing one too many cheer jumps, screaming myself hoarse, then lying on a piece of old foam on a cement floor, getting minimal sleep, I feel around 60.

Can someone please stop this snowball and let me off? I'm off for my Nanna Nap ...

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