Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Day 65

Today I feel a bit frantic. As usual I have too much to do and the continual ticking clock just doesn't give me any respite. So today all I am going to do is document my day. This is what fit, fabulous and forty in December feels like for me.

Alarm was due to go off at 5.00am but I awoke naturally at 4.55am. Feel very ripped off by not getting those extra 5 minutes! I did not wake up easily today. I have sheet creases on my face. I am eating a banana. I am wearing half length sports pants and racey looking singlet top. Thought I looked pretty trim until I looked down and saw what looks like a 5month pregnant belly. Hmm. Maybe a I need a toilet 2 before I go. It would be no good needing a toilet 2 in the middle of boot camp. Seriously tricky stuff. Geez, one of the dogs just farted! Or was that me? No, definitely dog. Stink. Birds are singing. I am feeling very tired. Hopefully energy will kick in once I get to boot.

Boot camp kicks off. Start with jog up and down hill. Then rowing push-ups with weights. Hill sprints. Lunges. Hill sprints. Legs feel like lead. Burpies with frog jump. Seriously testing my pelvic floor. Tired. More jumping. Almost threw up banana. Hill sprints. Plank. Need a toilet run. Go to dirty public park toilets. Almost threw up banana. Hill runs with weights above head. Half push ups to hold position. Fell out of push up. Face plant into duck shit. Almost threw up banana. 7.00am finished! Slow walk back to car and dizzy drive home. Something smells? Oh yeah, duck shit. Almost threw up banana.

Walked in front door. Hard to get up the stairs. Dead legs. Found husband dressed and ready to walk out door for work but waiting for me to make his lunch. Meaningless tasks are just part of what I do (or so my fridge magnet says). Found son hiding from me playfully in cupboard. Found Daughter asleep in bed. Made the lunches, encouraged son out of cupboard and dragged daughter out of bed.

Made breakfasts. Chatted to kids while they ate. Drank green tea and had Vita Wheats.

Yelled at kids to turn off TV and get dressed for school.

7.50am. Finally got out of squelchy wet sneakers (from long wet hill grass) and smelly racey singlet top and made it into shower. Did makeup and ironed clothes. Ran around house and made beds. Darby's bed wasn't slept in! Oh yeah, he managed to wangle his way into mine last night. No worries. One less bed to make. Put on a load of towels to wash. Packed away last nights dishes from drying rack and washed breakfast dishes.

8.25am. Checked emails and planned work day while kids took dogs for a short walk around the block. Millie has short legs so only needs short walks. Max would like a longer walk. Will try and fit that in later. Cleaned up lounge room. Yelled at kids some more. They are dawdling! They haven't done sun screen or hair yet! Hurry kids. Fine, I'll do it. Sun screened the kids and did their hair. My hair still not done. Wet. Will have to do that when I return from school run.

8.45am. Running late for school run. Just did drop off today. No time to stay for assembly. Went via post office to post EBay parcels for husband (he sells comics on EBay as a hobby).

9.05. Home. Noticed all the Christmas lights are still on around house. Walked about and turned them all off. Put on second load of towels. Cleaned up kitchen bench and got my mobile office organised. Sat down to work day.

9.15. Finding 3 new publishers today and writing up client notes. Also studying my notes for media training and checking status of movie project I am involved with. I am behind! Shit. Looking at clock. Shit. Only got an hour and half to get this done. Shit. Why is the clock so unkind? Need something to eat. Oh, and haven't done hair. Procrastinate. When it all gets too hard walk away from it .... NO NO NO!! Come back! Hair can wait. And only green tea and fruit allowed for morning tea. Ok, you can have an Anzac biscuit but only because you did hill sprints this morning. Clock is still ticking ...

10.30. Have done nothing re publishers, have not done client note and no study. I got side tracked with family admin stuff like notes for school, paperwork for investment property, emails in follow up to events. Bugger. Hair not done. Towels not yet hung out. Must do that now. I did however update my business website AND I managed to follow up on the Foreword for one of my books. Oh, and printed out study notes for media training. That's a start I suppose. Must do hair. Ok, investigating publishers now ...

10.40. Big win!! Just received the Foreword for "Yes I Can!" from Antonia Kidman. Woo Hooo. Thank you Antonia, it is perfect. Did a little dance around the lounge room. Now got both Antonia and Johanna Griggs on board for the kids books. Yay for me! Celebration short lived. Need to leave house in 10 minutes for recess cheer rehearsal at the school. Must do hair. Must hang out towels. Leave publishers until I return from cheering.

10.55. Towels out. Got side tracked though filling up dogs water. Hot day outside. Shit. Still haven't done hair! Need to be at school in 5 minutes (it's a 10 minute drive). Bugger.

11.05. Arrived at school with unstyled hair. Took the little Mini cheerleaders through their routines. Had help of bigger girls. Phew! Other coach arrived. Phew again! Minis are hard work. Jumped around for half an hour then out the door and back home.

11.45. Drove in driveway to see some Christmas lights still on. What the?!? Went and found their switches. Back at computer and ready to look up publishers. As I type I can see my nails. Bugger! All the polish is ratty and coming off. Check out toes. The same! Bugger. Got a business networking event tonight. Need to get nails done. When? Bugger.

11.49 Get nail polish remover and new polish. Nails important.

12.00 Nails drying so turn on TV to sit with Ellen D for a bit. Can't work with wet nails. The cricket is on! They have replaced midday Ellen with cricket!! Seriously shitty. Now I have wet nails and nothing to watch. (Sorry Dr Phil - I'm a bit over you - no offence.) Try to make lunch without damaging nails. Making a chicken salad. Bugger. Ruined nails. Shit. Finish making lunch and start again with nails. Dr Phil will just have to do ...

12.20 Nails dry (I hope). Dr Phil is a bit of a dippy downer compared to Ellen. Time to write to publishers.

1.00pm One letter with two manuscripts ready to go! One publisher down, two to go. Yes, my head is down and bum is up!

1.50pm Another letter and a manuscript printed and in an envelope. This one is a follow up to previous corro sent 3 months ago. Only one more left to do! Woo Hoo.

2.15pm Third and final letter with new manuscript ready to take to the PO. Done! Yay for me! Now I just have to study and look at this movie stuff I had intended to do. Oh, and then there is cheerleading CDs to burn ready for the concert tomorrow night, their website to create and poms to label. The website!! I was due at the school at 2.00 to work on the website. Shit. Bugger. Apologies. That will now need to wait until tomorrow. Sigh.

3.05pm Cheerleading CDs done, labels for poms done, another wad of printing done for media training. I had forgotten a heap. Trying to get it all together in order so when I do eventually sit down to it I will have it ready. Shit. Look at the time! Time to get the kids from school. I STILL haven't done my hair.

3.10pm. Still wandering around house. Looking for stamps to post off all these packages to printers! No stamps. And no time to buy any. Bugger. Kids now at school pick up waiting for me. Poor pets. Got drop off and pick up today. Mummy loves you ... truly I do!! Yes, I am leaving now.

3.33pm. Raced in the door to drop off school bags, get Tahlia changed, get them some arvo tea and we are due at callisthenics solo rehearsal by 3.45. And it's a 10 minute drive! I was supposed to take her stuff with me to school pick-up. Bugger.

4.00pm. Back home to get Darby ready for tennis and me ready for business women's networking function. But first my starving boy needs food. And lots of it! A peanut butter sandwich, Anzac biscuit, cheese and biscuits and an orange! Growing boy. What will he be like as a teenager?

4.15pm. What does one wear to business women's network Christmas function that includes lawn bowls? That means I need flat shoes. I don't do flat shoes unless it is for sport or the beach. Hmmm. Dilema. Oh, and I still haven't done hair. I need to go and get the towels off the line while I contemplate.

4.30pm. Need to get dressed. Being picked up in half an hour. Just got Derek on the road with the Tom Tom to collect Tahlia and then take Darby to tennis. Looks like a storm brewing. Opening mail. Cleaning up my mobile office space. Putting away washing up from this morning. Need to do hair.

4.45pm Hair is done! Make up is refreshed. I am dressed. It seriously looks like a storm is brewing outside though so I am not sure we will be lawn bowling. I just realised that I didn't drink water at all today. Other than sips at boot camp this morning and two green teas, I didn't drink! Doing that now. Sculling it in fact. Two glasses.

4.58pm. I am ready. Got a headache from perfume though. I normally spray it on back of my clothes because I can be a little sensitive to the smells. Today I thought I would lash out and sprayed it on my front. Headache. Drinking more water. Getting collected in two minutes.

5.03pm. She is here! Off to networking thingimo. Hopefully Derek knows what he's doing about dinner ...

8.33pm. The networking thingimo is over. A great night and well worth the effort. No lawn bowls due to the storm that came. Got home to find that Millie had peed in the house. The family had left it for me to clean up for some reason. Fascinating! Need to make my dinner now. Family assumed I was eating out. Obvious assumption I suppose. There were a couple of nibbles but not enough to fill an end of day belly.

8.36pm. My beautiful Darby offered to make me dinner. Isn't he lovely! We made me a salad together. He chatted to me as I ate. It is past his bedtime.

8.45pm. I need to get the kids to bed. They are usually asleep by now. Settling them down for the night.

9.00pm. Emptied Roomba and went through his contents with a fine tooth comb ... or finger nail at least. No diamond. Sigh. No diamond. I think that was the last room. Sigh.

9.15pm. A headache tablet and bed. Been a long day. Max didn't get his longer walk, I didn't get my media training done or work re the movie. But I did manage to get out to publishers, get my Foreword, finish cheerleading stuff ready for tomorrow's concerts, and get to hand out my business card to a bunch of people at the networking event. It was a good day. Not exactly exciting, but it was a day worth celebrating.

So did that bore you? That is a typical day in the life of Leanne. Who am I kidding. No two days are ever the same for me so nothing is ever typical. That is what makes my life so much fun! Tomorrow will be completely different with most of my day spent at the school with cheer rehearsal, then the cheer concert during the afternoon in front of the entire school. Then tomorrow night will be our big end of year cheer concert for parents, family and friends. I had better get a good night sleep.


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  1. Congrats about Antonia Kidman!!! That is huge, you are an inspiration.


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