Thursday, December 10, 2009

Day 67

Like the songs says, "I like to move it, move it, I like to move it, move it ....." I do! I seriously like to move my body. Getting jiggy with it totally gets those endorphins circulating and it makes me very happy.

Last night we had our end of year concert for all 80+ cheerleaders. It was six months in preparation I guess when you consider the work the girls have been putting into perfecting their routines. And last night they were able to showcase exactly how far they have come.

I even got to showcase how far I had come. Remember how I was practicing cartwheels and handstands on the beach a few weeks back? Well during our big entrance I did my own little cheer motions segment and then cartwheeled across the stage. That sounds like I did multiple cartwheels. Sadly no. I could only manage one. And it was across the floor not the stage .... BUT I did do a cartwheel in front of a 200+ audience! Woo Hooo. This old body can still perform when it needs to.

Sadly though I think I may have pulled something around my neck and shoulder region and I have had a headache ever since. My body isn't as stretchy as it used to be. As I sit here and rub the injured muscles I marvel again at how clever the cheerleaders are and how proud I am to be part of their growth. I have also decided I will be taking up yoga and/or other bendy flexy sort of exercise because this year I did a cartwheel, but next year I plan to do a round off!! How's that for deep fried fruit goal setting? And at some point I also want to be able to complete a forward walk over. I was never able to do it as a kid, so I am not sure what makes me think I'll conquer it as an adult, but it is my aim.

Here we are at only day 67 of my 40th year and I have declared I will become a stunt woman. Do you think I will actually make it to day 365? Of course I will. I just may be in traction ...

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