Friday, December 11, 2009

Day 68

Quite honestly my life is anything but dull. As I drove to the school yesterday afternoon to help in the classroom I marvelled how no two weeks are the same for me. For some people that may feel a little too random, and sometimes I do wish for routine, but at the moment with the sun shining, and the festive spirit alive and well, it is fun having variety in my life. I watch each morning as people drive to work with expressionless faces and I hope that their lives aren’t as dull as their faces suggest. I hope they get to have at least part of the variety that I have. I am not saying my life is full of excitement. Not at all. But there is variety. And that is after all the spice of life!

Yesterday I started with boot camp and then went to an interview before I headed to the city for some Christmas shopping, to an appointment and then to the school to volunteer. The day before was spent entirely on cheerleading getting organised for the two cheer concerts held on Wednesday. You already know about Tuesday as I kept you informed every step of the way. Monday was a mixture of income producing activity varying from client work to my children’s books to applying as a teacher’s assistant And today – well today I am taking the kids out of school for a family day on the farm with their Pop while I drive two hours for a lunch date with some old school friends, one of whom I haven’t seen for over 20 years! I then get home in time for another date night with husband (the second in as many weeks!) and Saturday will be spent doing whatever the hell we want until the kids arrive home. Now THAT’S what I’m talkin’ about. Hopefully we might fit a brunch date in.

It hadn’t occurred to me until yesterday just how much variety I actually have from one day to the next. It’s not red hot chilli spice, but there are no two days the same. I know that you need to work and bring in an income and all, so that limits your variety options, but even if you do something new and interesting every day you can add a little paprika to your world. Drive a different route to work, take the family out for breakfast, wear a hat, sign up for pole dancing, take a walk up a hill, find an old school mate on Facebook and organise a lunch date on middle ground (even if it does take hours to get there), turn your desk to face in a different direction, go for a swim in your lunch break, do your shopping at a centre you don’t normally visit. There are a million things we can do to spice up our world and broaden our comfort zones. So go on … get to it … make today a cardamom kind of day (and as a bonus adding this spice to your life will actually assist with nausea, fever, headaches, or eye diseases). My “variety is the spice of life” day is going to be cinnamon I think …. It’s sweet and helps with nervous tension, complexion and memory! Just what a deep fried fruit needs. Oh, and apparently it assists with flatulence. That will be a bonus given I am meeting with people who haven’t seen me for an eternity!

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