Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Day 72

Today was Darby's Kindergarten nativity concert where all the babies of the school got to shine. It's pretty much the same concert Tahlia put on for us four years ago but with every child you have, the pleasure doesn't diminish. Darby was a king and we had him all packed up yesterday for dress rehearsal with a kings cloak we already had in the dress ups box - red velvet trimmed in gold - and a cardboard crown we'd made at home over the weekend. Last night after dinner Darby announced that the cloak was too big and he wasn't allowed to wear it because all the kids were tripping on it and choking him. No way! Let's look at this. So we dressed him up and watched as our poor five year old tried to drag an adult sized cloak along behind him. The velvet was heavy, the shoulders way too wide and as he walked he not only had to lean forward and drag the garment along, but he also had to hold the shoulders so that it didn't fall off his slender frame. Oh, bugger. Maybe the teacher had a point. So with very little time I had to find an alternative! Apparently other kings were wearing capes or dressing gowns. The best I could come up with was an old black sheet with a hole cut in it for the head (Tahlia had once worn this as a witch) and a white rope belt. From my point of view he was definitely the poor cousin of the crew but as far as he was concerned he was a king of kingly proportions. He thought the black sheet was much better and he danced and sang proudly. Isn't perception an interesting thing! We as adults have certain beliefs that affect our perception. For me a king had to look regal and expensive! For Darby a king just had to wear a crown and a gown. I had let my beliefs affect my perception, whereas Darby's perception made him believe. He felt like a king and therefore he was! And oh what a magnificent king ...

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