Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Day 73

Is there a point where you are going to look as good as you are ever going to look? I think today is that day. Sure I was hotter looking in my 20s when I was able to wear micro-minis, I had the spiral perm, was wrinkle free and no hail damage in sight, but I am thinking that with my fitness at an all time high, my new slimmer body and everything else hidden inside my Bridget Jones undies, I might actually have hit my peak. There is no denying I look better now than I did in my 30s. Turning 40 definitely put me back on track in the ol’ looks department.

I have a vision of Rhys Iffans in the movie Notting Hill standing in front of a full length mirror critically examining himself in his Y fronts saying “not bad, not bad at all”. As I stand in front of my bathroom mirror I am thinking that with newly dyed hair, hemroid cream keeping my wrinkles tight, a freshly plucked face, boot camp body, skinny jeans and shoes to die for I may actually look pretty damn hot! Of course having high self esteem helps. But if this is as good as I am ever going to look, then I need to really think about a few things. I mean, what if Derek and I were to break up in 5 years time! What if I had to start the whole dating thing again knowing I was never going to look this good again? It’s time for a big talk with my husband. If he has any reservations about our marriage at all it is time to spill them. Because if I have to enter the world again as a single woman it has to be today ….

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  1. Love the post today, I often wonder about just what you have written.


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