Friday, December 18, 2009

Day 75

Only one week until Christmas Day and my shopping isn't finished! This is so unlike me. Seriously. I am one of those people that normally starts Christmas shopping mid year and doing the Christmas laybys during the July sales. In the past that approach has had me organised, but in the end I probably end up spending more money as I have longer to shop and longer to find more and more bargains that I just have to buy for someone (anyone) because the deal is too hot.

This year I didn't start Christmas shopping until a couple of weeks ago and despite the lack of sales I think it may be saving me money, but is not saving my sanity. My head is about to cave with the pressure. I haven't got gifts for my parents, Derek's parents, Derek. All the important people really. The kids are pretty much under control though. Kind of.

The work we have been doing with the kids regarding gratitude and less materialism has been working because they only had a couple of things on their Santa lists this year. But guess what! New problem. They only had a couple of things on their lists which means, you really need to ensure Santa is going to bring those things because there is no back up list. Shit.

The barnacle on the butt of my Christmas this year is heelys. That is all the kids are talking about. They are announcing to all who will listen that they are getting Heelys from Santa. Heelys are the sneakers with one wheel that pops out at the heel area allowing them to glide across malls and footpaths at whim, and then continue at a walk when needed and then back into a glide. Heelys are the bomb. But what if Santa doesn't come good with the heelys? What if the elves don't know how to make them or their suppliers fall through?

Heelys are expensive. In Australia they are $150 a pair and with two kids that is a lot of money, especially when they are going to grow out of them in six months and the novelty will probably wear off in two. With that in mind I have been looking for second hand heelys JUST IN CASE Santa can't come through with the much wanted wheels and Mummy needs to buy them instead.

So I lined up a pair with another Mum who has a daughter who has grown out of hers. Only problem is that Mum forgot to tell daughter that these were a Christmas present and that it was a secret. Yep, big thing to forget. So daughter announces to Tahlia that she is getting her hand-me-down heelys. Bugger. There goes that little surprise. Not the daughter's fault, not even the mothers fault, my fault for not getting my act together 6 months ago. So now I have to spin a heely yarn to cover up the whole heelys conundrum . Then I find another Mum with not one pair of heelys but two! After much running about we finally meet in a secret location so the big exchange can take place only to discover that these Heelys are big enough to fit me. Not going to work. Bugger. Then I let my fingers do the walking and started calling around the sports stores just in case there were bargains out there. Nope. They were all well over $100 a pair. But then I hit the mother load - I found a place that were offering two pairs for the bargain price of $99!!! Woooo Hoooo! Problem. Their suppliers haven't delivered the goods yet. There aren't actually any Heelys in stock and they are not sure the trucks will arrive by Christmas. You have got to be F*&$ing kidding me!

Yep, only one week until Christmas and Mummy is not at all prepared. The Heely Gods have probably stashed all the shoes with one very expensive Argyle diamond just out of Mummy's reach. It must be funny watching Mummy rock obsessively in the corner.

Mummy's head is caving in and when she implodes it's gonna be messy ....

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