Saturday, December 19, 2009

Day 76

Grumpy Leanne has come out to play. She has a headache, she's tired and she's hosting the annual Christmas party tonight at her house. She's in no mood for festivity. Is it too late to cancel? And worse she has no time to blog. Bad news for a blog dog. So while Leanne grumbles and stumbles around her house vacuuming and dusting and spraying and wiping and preparing and cooking and slicing and dicing so that her house is pristine and there is food available for the 80 odd guests (who are quickly going to grubby up the house and chew and poop the carefully prepared canapes) you are just going to have to find something else to read. Day 76 is just too fraught to be blogable. Please don't leave forever though. Day 77 is sure to be worth it.


  1. I really appreciate your time and effort Leanne.
    You will get huge amounts of good karma for your dedication.

  2. maybe you should try and get 'L' to come out to play later on tonight! i'm sure she will really get the party started for grumpy leanne!


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