Monday, December 21, 2009

Day 78

So it’s day 78 and I have finally woken up and joined the season to be jolly. The party on the eve of day 76 was hugely successful but as a result I spent day 77 cleaning up and sleeping on and off on the couch complete with dribble. I opened one eye occasionally to see what the kids were doing but promptly closed it again for more slumber.

As I said on Saturday the party is an annual event which has become much anticipated in the diaries of our family and friends. The menu changes from year to year but the theme pretty much remains the same – arrive, eat, drink, smoke cigars, take plenty of blurry self photographs and be merry.

This year’s party was by far the best so far. How long have we been having this soirees? Um, about 5 years I think. The people that attend come from all different areas of our lives and in the past it can be a little difficult for some to blend with others. There are work colleagues, basketball team mates, friends from old, friends from new, family, family friends, school parents and everything in between.

Of course you get the mandatory shags on rocks who find it hard to blend, and then you have the dyed-in-the-wool networkers who can work the room within an inch of their life. On Saturday night even the shags spent less time on their rocks, and the networkers toned down their bunny hopping to make for a very easy-going and well constructed event. No one got particularly drunk (not fall down drunk anyway), yet everyone was liquored up enough to be fully jovial and participative. The kids had an absolute blast and managed to stay up until after midnight with a game of spotlight keeping them amused for most of the darker hours. And laughter was the key for much of the evening! What can I say, we throw a good party.

But that of course meant that I absolutely collapsed yesterday. I am not sure if it was from relief or exhaustion but the simple act of raising my arm above my head became a task of weight-lifting proportion. Yep, I was just plain buggered.

But today my people I am fighting fit and ready for school holidays, summer and the festive season. Life is good! Oh, and Santa sent the kids a video via email yesterday advising they would be getting Heely's! No Argyle diamond though. Sigh.

Yep. You better believe it people … Life is good ... Bring on Christmas!

Ho, ho, ho ...

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