Friday, December 25, 2009

Day 82

Merry Christmas to all the fruit out there - the ripe, the not-quite-ripe, the over-ripe and the deep fried.

It is wonderfully merry at our joint. We awoke at 5.00am to a very excited Darby pulling us all out of bed to head to the lounge room together to see if Santa had been. The excitement reached fever pitch when the Heelys were unwrapped. Frustrations set in when Heelys weren't quite as easy to master as he had thought, and further escalated when Tahlia managed to get her balance quicker than he, but after a few tears Christmas became joyous again as his attention was diverted elsewhere. Yep, the merriment of Christmas seems to be measured by the happiness of the most child-like child and is further enhanced by the most child-like adult. Derek and I are both jockying for that position. Me with the dancing and trying to ride a ripstick, and Derek on Mario Kart (for the Wii). Tahlia is spending her time mixing delight with deep thought as she tries to work it all out. Could Christmas actually be magic? Or is something more practical working behind the scenes? Hmmm

The best present of course is having four generations of family together with more rellies due to arrive in a few hours for the annual feast of ham, turkey, lamb and beef. Mix that with a day of much needed rain (not even the downpour can dampen our spirits) and we have a winner!

For all my fabulous followers out there I wish you a day full of happiness, love and celebration. Whether you are on your own, with friends, randoms or loved ones, celebration of life and the "year that was" is key to Christmas joy. My gift to you is good Christmas energy through the gamma rays and no talk of poo today ... your gift to me would be to send this link to as many people as possible and if you haven't signed up to be a follower yet, please do! My goal is to have 100 in the next three months. Who's with me?

Merry Christmas!!!! I have a ripstick to master ...

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  1. Hi Leanne and merry christmas. I found looking and signing up on other blogs an interesting experience. Lots of cat lovers out there, oodles in fact.


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