Saturday, December 26, 2009

Day 83

I have bloggers block. Not good news for a blog dog. Blogaphobia is the fear of blogger block. Night sweats as you wonder what the hell you are going to do when the day comes that you can't think of anything adequate to blog. So you just write for the hell of it and hope no one notices. Especially since you have only just declared the quest of 100 followers in three months! It is boxing day and I have boxers brain. Did I go a couple of rounds with Mike Tyson? I slept a full 12 hours last night in a deep unconscious state, and am ready for bed again already. Did I have one of those drunken family brawls you hear about on Christmas Day? Is this lack of grey matter due to a pool hall beating? I have gone beyond deep fried fruit and turned to deep fried fudge. Let's just call it bloggers block and be done with it. The kids have mastered their Heelys and are cruising around Nanny and Pops kitchen as the rain continues outside. They are safe in the care of their elders. I am going back to bed.

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