Sunday, December 27, 2009

Day 84

Why oh why aren't there any folding fairies? An ironing fairy would be good too. Just got home to unpack from Christmas and repack for coast trip and found two baskets of clean washing waiting for me to fold and put away, with another two hampers of dirty wash to do. Seriously, you would think Santa's elves may have helped out. Little bastards. I've been good all year, why can't I get a little break over Christmas? Or was boxing day it? Was that my break and now it all starts again? Bugger it. I am just walking back out the door and heading to the beach for a week. If those fairies haven't been by the time I return I'm going to kick up a stink. This deep fried fruit has come too far in life to be subjected to tiresome brainless chores. Take that! So get your little fairy arses to my joint pronto or I'll be talking to the mangement. Is anybody listening?

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