Monday, December 28, 2009

Day 85

How hot is P!NK? She's awesome. We went to her concert in Australia this year and Derek declared that he'd like to put her in his pocket and take her home. She is now his official "freebie" - the person of profile who is so out of reach you'd never actually meet them but if you did you are allowed to cheat with them. He was a bit shocked that I suggested she might be mine too. Yep, I reckon I'd turn for P!NK. Listen to us though ... we talk like it is a given she'd cheat on her husband for us ... or even want us! How bold are we?!

Who is your freebie? Mine is Robbie Williams and I think Simon Baker would come a close second.

Has anyone actually been able to act on their freebie? And if they did, is it truly a freebie or does it become a deal breaker. Oh, and what if you find someone who looks like your freebie and your obsession for your freebie is so great that it departs from fantasy and reverts to real life. There is definitely some dangerous ground.

The rules are that they have to be out of reach. So as they become within reach you have to move the goal posts. I don't think Derek and I need to worry though. There's not much chance either of us will be liasing with P!NK or Robbie. But Simon Baker ... he may be a little more within my reach ... yep ... When I am published and my books are turned into a movie and I'm mixin' it with celebs I'll have to change my freebie. Simon and I might be hangin' at the same parties. Sorry Simon, you may just have to drop off my list. There's a chance you'll be too close for Derek's comfort. Yeah, it's disappointing for you I know, but it's reality mate.

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