Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day 100

Wow, would you look at that! I have just hit my 100th day of being 40. 40 years and 100 days old. Hmph. And as I mark that milestone in my trusty ol’ blog forever we have another milestone to celebrate - my beautiful blonde haired boy (who is getting darker and darker every year – a sign of intelligence?) turns 6 today.

It is incredible what 12 months can do in the growth of a child at this age. This time last year he was tentative and anxious, he was hiding behind Mummy during any new experience, he was frightened to start school, wouldn’t sleep in his own bed and basically lacked confidence and belief in himself. After an initial school term full of tears he grew with the experience into a confident, respected (and respectful), jovial little boy. In true Pinocchio style he had become a real boy! No longer a toddler or pre-schooler, but a kid both in stature and in mind. This year he has grown beyond those chubby legs, stumpy fingers and curry puff feet, to a taller slimmer version of his former self. And his confidence is through the roof in comparison. Ahhh my little big man is 6 today and I am so very proud of him. And you know what? I think what he has taught me in the last 12 months is far greater than I could ever have taught him. His anxieties are the reason I started dabbling in positive psychology for children. Thank you Darby Doo and happy birthday!

Now enough fluff and dribble, I’d better go and make you a cake. What will it be this year? I am a bit of a gumby when it comes to creative cakes. I started off so well with Tahlia with hours of planning and creation, but you know, with each child you tend to become a little more blasé. For Tahlia’s first birthday my first creation was Mini Mouse with lots of icing, liquorice, cutting, pasting. It was a masterpiece (with a bit of help from my Mum). The following year was Elmo and then it was Blue’s Clues, Barbie princess, and Cat in the Hat! So creative. So clever. For Darby’s 1st birthday poor ol’ Darbs got a round cake dressed as a clown, with marshmallow eyes, an actual red ball for a nose, icing and lolly mouth, crepe paper bow tie and a real party hat on top for his clown hat! The hardest bit was getting the cake out of the tin in one piece. He didn’t seem to mind though I guess. I can’t even recall what I did for his other birthdays (bad Mummy). Oh last year it was a golf green … because he had a putt putt party … another round cake, green icing, a chopstick with paper flag and a medicine measure cup embedded in the cake for the hole with a golf ball resting on it. Poor Darbs. But as I said, he doesn’t seem to realise the lack of effort. He thinks they are splendiferous! So what will it be this year? The theme for his party tomorrow is “water fight” (complete with a dozen water guns). How on Earth am I going to create a cake around that theme?? Suggestions anyone?

PS Thanks to everyone who came through with suggestions via comment, email and Facebook. Rather than concentrating on the water fight theme, I decided instead to model a cake on the location of his party. I created a park complete with trees, path, skateboard ramps and skateboarders. A slab cake in green icing for grass, brown sprinkles for the path, white icing for cement areas, then some plastic trees, a log, and his Teck Deck miniature skateboard ramps and skateboard dude ... oh and a plastic lady from the dolls house to walk down the path. Yep, another "cheating" cake but hey, he thinks I am a genius! You've got to love a young appreciative and somewhat naive audience ...

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