Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Day 101

I am a bourbon and champagne girl (not mixed together). Yep, very different drinks and polar opposite personas all in the one body. You can take the girl out of a country town, but you can’t take the country town out of a girl which brings with it the mish mash of grains, corn and whatever the hell else you can smuggle into bourbon whiskey. Wild turkey indeed! Then you have the more mature grown up lady living in suburbia with a family house on a hill and fortnightly manicures, fake tan and massages and that’s where the champagne comes in. But of course there’s some inner turmoil as the bourbon persona fights with the bubbles chick … and when both come out in one night it’s not always pretty. The following morning is even less pretty …. As you can imagine. Bourbon gut and champagne eye bags, champagne headache with meaty bourbon belch, bourbon breath and champagne teeth socks. Charming. The two women don’t live well together. The bitch on the hill cat scratching the scank from the bush who is punching and kicking and pulling hair in retaliation. They may be sistas sharing the same skin but only one should come out at a time. So with that said, what will it be this evening? Unfortunately both are in residence and both insist on the pleasure of my company so it gets tricky. I’ll have to tip toe careful tonight. It is January after all. The festive season and summer combined make for a very wet month.

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