Friday, January 15, 2010

Day 103

There are not a lot of people who can say they had a crowbar stuck in their tree, but we did. It was tied to a rope in fact. Why? Because my husband is a Labrador and our experience with Max is they tend to dive into things (quick flowing rivers, storm water drains, bags of chook poop) and think about the consequences later.

Derek got a frisby like flying disc for Christmas. It was something he had asked for so it was special to him. He received it before Christmas (from Chelsea his 21 year old daughter) and the kids of course wanted to trial it IMMEDIATELY instead of waiting until we got to the coast and had the wide open spaces of a beach. Despite my suggestions that flying discs and the roof tops of suburbia aren’t a good combination, the disc had its maiden flight in the front yard.

It ended up looped convincingly on a twig at the highest possible branch of a tree. Bugger. It was too high and the branches too narrow to climb. So Derek decided to tie a crowbar (well, not quite a crowbar, but a smaller crowbar like thing which I will refer to as “the crowbar”) to a piece of rope and kind of lasso swing it up into the tree trying to dislodge the disc. I watched in horror from the front balcony, screaming at the kids to get inside the house, as the iron projectile flew through the air. He managed to hook the crowbar in the tree right near the frisby and bend the branches down so that a quick shake dislodged his Christmas present. But guess what! The crowbar was now stuck in the tree and no amount of pulling or shaking would dislodge it. I saw the light in his eyes as he conjured up his next plan of attack. That is when I got the video camera out. If this carry on was going to continue I was going to win Funniest Home Videos with it.

He headed back to the garage for more supplies. Basketballs. So he started throwing basketballs up the tree to try and dislodge the crowbar. Yep. You guessed it. The basketball then joined the crowbar in the upper branches. With pursed lips and a head scratch my human Lab went back to the garage for more “tools”. That is when the bricks came out. You heard me. My 43 year old husband was throwing bricks at a tree! Where the hell are this kids parents? Can someone please take control of this child!

We now have a long rope, attached to an iron bar hanging precariously from a branch, a basketball, and hurtling bricks. The good news is that the bricks dislodged the basketball. The bad news is the crowbar was not to be budged. Given this all took place on Christmas Eve and we were due at the farm, Derek simply tied the rope to a tree branch and left it. Oh man. I had visions of the crowbar falling out during the next wind storm and either smashing someone’s car … or worse of course … smashing someone’s head. The good news is the crowbar was still in the tree tied to the rope when we returned from our travels. The even better news is that my very trusty and forward thinking father (who is not a Labrador but probably a Kelpie) was visiting this week for Darby’s birthday and he too having visions of “death by crowbar” nutted out an answer to the problem. I arrived home from doing the chores on Wednesday to find Mum on the balcony holding one end of the rope (the kids safely at her side) and Dad up the tree with a broom smacking it about in the tree as he successfully swept the crowbar to freedom. I might add that he was doing all this while he was covered in ants. Bugger. I didn’t’ have my video camera handy to capture the end of the Funniest Home Videos entry.

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